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Sheer Lipstick Is The Beauty Product For Women Who Can't Deal With High Maintenance Lips

Hate lipstick? You're not alone. Having to ensure your pout is smudge-free while also remembering to reapply the color throughout the day is enough to cause many women to avoid the product entirely.

Lipstick doesn't have to be high maintenance. Opting for an alternative like sheer lipstick can be so minimal and effortless, you might even forget you're wearing it. Sheer lipsticks are super moisturizing and add a nice gloss to lips with a subtle hint of color. These formulas are also less likely to leave unflattering lines all over your mouth once the pigment wears off. Instead, you end up with beautifully "stained" lips.

Before applying any lipstick, we recommend exfoliating to remove dry, chapped skin. You can skip putting on lip balm as you'll get the hydration you need from your sheer lip product.

Below are our eight new favorite sheer lipsticks and lip balms. We suggest making room in your makeup bag for these beauties.

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