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Best New York Animal Stories Of 2011 (PHOTOS)

From peacocks wandering the Upper East Side to hilarious Twitter accounts sparked from a missing Cobra and partying turtles invading JFK, 2011 was quite the year for ridiculous animal stories in the city. Although we wish we could have always been chuckling at Tweets and darling French bulldogs, 2011 also had some sad animal news. Earlier this year, New Yorkers saw the passing of Jack the Cat, the feline who escaped from an American Airlines carrier, and was lost for two months only to be found with serious injuries that led to his death. Animal advocates got a big boost this year in their call for a ban against carriage horses, as the public was outraged by the news of multiple horses collapsing from alleged mistreatment. So whether you're an animal lover or just delight in year end roundups, be sure to check out our collection of the very best in New York animal stories.

Peacock Escapes Central Park Zoo

Best New York Animal Stories 2011

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