15 Adorable Notebooks That Will Make You Want To Put Away Your iPhone And Write

15 Adorable Notebooks That Will Make You Want To Put Away Your iPhone And Write

Joan Didion had a thing or two to say about the merits of keeping a notebook -- which she spelled out beautifully in her aptly titled essay, "On Keeping a Notebook." Writes Didion:

I think we are well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not. Otherwise they turn up unannounced and surprise us, come hammering on the mind's door at 4 a.m. of a bad night and demand to know who deserted them, who betrayed them, who is going to make amends.

So, regardless of whether you aspire to write an earth-shattering novel, keeping a personal journal has clear perks. Enough, in fact, that The Atlantic spelled them out in an article early this month, citing "increasing control and creativity, decreasing anxiety, depression, and rage" as a few. The piece goes on to explain a new app called Emojiary, which allows users to log their daily activities and feelings using, you guessed it, emojis. The idea is to simplify the cathartic process of actually writing your thoughts down, but the benefits are dubious. Instead, we suggest journaling the old-school way. Here are 15 beautiful notebooks to get you started:

Hand-embroidered Moleskine notebook
In case your Moleskine wasn't twee enough, this Etsy user has adorned a handful with adorable cross-switch patterns. from LesFilsRouges
Notebooks BiCOLORE
Notebook aficionados are likely to have some skin in the Moleskine versus Leuctturm1917 game -- both are sleek and simple, but the latter has a few cheerier palette options.From Leuctturm1917
Pictorial Webster’s Artist and Writer’s notebook
Each page is adorned with a 19th century Pictorial Webster's illustration, from nests to vases to swordfish. Let the daydreaming commence!from Chronicle Books
Hard bound cloth notebook
To give your scrawling some heft, you could record it in a cloth-bound notebook.From Whitelines
The Pocket Dept. notebooks
These smartly designed notebooks come in various sizes to fit various-sized pockets, including t-shirts and backpacks.from Princeton Architectural Press
Embroidered cat journal
"Dear Journal,Today, Skittles took a nap, hid under the bed, then took another nap."from FabulousCatPapers
Under the Sea Decomposition Book
These notebooks aren't just attractive, they're good for the environment, too! The covers are printed with soy ink and the pages are composed of 100% consumer waste. from Michael Roger
Stars notebook
This cut-out design is cutesy and customizable -- you can choose your own color palette!from the ivydesign
Patchwork notebook
Double down on the tactile feel notebooks provide with this patchwork design. from SEASONPAPER
Refillable felt journal
This hefty journal comes with two paper refills, so it's worth the investment. from PapergeekMY
Personalized notebook
You can personalize just about everything about this notebook, including the color, pattern, and embossment design. from LetterLoveDesigns
William Faulkner journal
ObviousState has turned their beloved posters into little, collectable notebooks, with quippy quotes from your favorite classic authors. from ObviousState
Metallic Shadows journal
Why yes, this journal is made out of metallic paper and gold foil. Use it for your most delicate thoughts. from Anthropologie
Paseo Embossed notepad
This embossed notebook takes the scrappy journalist pad up more than a few notches. from Christian Lacroix
Botanical Collections notebook
These notebooks may pose a problem: They're so adorable, you won't want to fudge them up with anything less than immaculate handwriting. from Rifle Paper co.

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