The Best 'Nude' Tights, According To People Of All Skin Tones

If finding the perfect pair of tights to blend with your skin tone feels impossible, let us help you out.
Models wearing nude tights from <a href="" target="_blank" role="link" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="Hipstick" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="652ff3c9e4b03b213b0825c0" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="0">Hipstick</a> and <a href="" target="_blank" role="link" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="Heist" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="652ff3c9e4b03b213b0825c0" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="1">Heist</a>.
Models wearing nude tights from Hipstick and Heist.

One of the biggest scams in the English language may be the term “nude.” It brings to mind the “flesh”-colored Crayon of decades past, a peach hue that definitively did not describe all skin tones, much less most skin tones, yet was audaciously marketed as doing so. (In fact, that same shade is now called “peach.”)

There’s a similar issue with purportedly nude-colored pantyhose, nylons, tights and the like. Nude for whom? Often, nylons that claim to be nude feature only one shade, a beige tone that only denotes nude coloring for white folks.

We’ve compiled a list of sheer nylons that actually feature shades that cater to all skin tones, with budget picks and splurge-worthy options that reviewers swear by. The investment is sure to be worth it, especially since many of these picks are not only delightfully soft and comfy, but are also surprisingly rip-proof.

And if you’re not yet a hosiery devotee? You may soon be. They help keep you warm in cold weather, make some folks feel more put-together in professional settings, give extra smoothing and concealing coverage, plus — crucially — can help prevent painful chafing in the thigh area. That’s downright versatile.

Read on for our favorite picks.

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Nude Barre
A pair of stretchy, soft Nude Barre tights
Nude Barre tights may well set the standard for quality tights for all skin tones and body sizes, with 12 actually nude hues to choose from and sizes S–5XL. They’re made of ultra-comfy nylon and a hint of spandex to provide a stretchy, soft fit that’s a true pleasure to wear, with a supportive top that won’t constrict and material so durable that these are worn by dancers and athletes. Plus, they’ll keep you cozy and warm during chilly weather without being too hot to wear when it’s warm.

Reviewers recommend getting one shade darker than what's pictured on the screen to best fit your skin tone.

Promising review: "I normally have a hard time finding opaque tights that both match my skin tone and are available in my size. I debated for a while whether or not to order these tights, and I’m so happy I did! The shade is a realistic tone (no more pink dance tights) and I’m in the middle of the size range instead of being on the outer fringe. I can’t recommend these enough!!" — Anonymous
A pair of silky soft microfiber Hipstik hose
Hipstik pantyhose is a decidedly underrated nude stockings fave, with four sheer skin shades that reviewers call "magic." Their signature stretchy lace waistband offers extra comfort, so you won’t have to endure the dreaded digging and pinching of most tights, and their silky 16-denier microfiber material promises to be the softest out there. They also offer free U.S. shipping. These tights are available in sizes 2–24.

Promising review: "I was so tired of spending money on pantyhose that would rip, snag and not even match my legs. I found hipstik after researching the top rated pantyhose. After checking out their website and picking the color I thought would match me most,I was nervous I ordered the right color. When I received my order they were packed great, looked exactly like my skin tone, and were soft! I’m obsessed! I will definitely be using this site for all my pantyhose needs!!! Normally I don’t review, but these are the seriously the best!!!" — Alexis C.
A pair of sheer rip-resistant Sheertex tights
Sheertex is one of the internet’s favorite tights brands because of their shockingly rip-resistant hose. Reviewers have truly dragged their pairs through the wringer, putting them to the test against the claws and teeth of pets, sharp acrylics, splintered wood furniture and more without rips or runs. That makes their sheer skin-toned nylons a no-brainer for hosiery enthusiasts. Fashioned in their signature rip-proof style, Sheertex offers six shades designed to complement a range of skin tones. Reviewers are clear that they swear by these sturdy yet comfy pairs, saying they’re worth every penny. They’re available in sizes XS–3X.

Promising reviews: "As a woman of color, I have a hard time shopping for sheer tights that would match my skin tone. This tights are the only ones I own this matches my skin color." — Anne M.

"These are incredibly soft, comfortable, opaque enough to hide leg imperfections and rip resistant! So perfect! Within an hour of having them on, my dog’s collar got caught on the tights and when he pulled away I thought for sure they were ruined. Looked down to see there was BARELY a separation in the material. Like you have to look really closely to find it. Love these so much I ordered another pair for me and two for my mom. Say goodbye to awful pantyhose forever! These are truly worth every penny." — Kira Wilson
Nubian Skin
A pair of shaping Nubian Skin tights specifically made for people of color
Nubian Skin is a London–based hosiery company that was founded specifically to cater to the needs of people of color whose skin tones were not reflected in the undergarments industry. The result? Nubian Skin’s gorgeous “different kind of nude” nylons, which provide a silky smooth feel with light compression for extra support and coverage. The brand carefully edits its pieces to ensure that they will truly match your skin tone, so you can be confident that your new hosiery will not only elevate your wardrobe but will be a true essential in which you’ll feel like the best version of yourself. These 40 denier semi-matte tights come in four shades and in sizes S–XXL. They ship worldwide.

Promising review: "The best tights on the market!! I have been shopping for years and at the end of last year I finally found my dream tights.. I wanted support but darker shade of brown as well which no other brands do… Nubian skin 40 den last approximately 4 months, but of course u have to look after them.. hand wash only and careful with those false nails 😜 Thank you Nubian skin for these lasting and beautiful tights." — Renata R.
A pair of seamless nude Heist tights created with the input of 100,000 women
Another UK-based company, Heist claims that they worked with 100,000 women to create seven shades of nude tights that offer the perfect match for a wide range of skin tones. In addition to their data-backed shades, Heist’s 18-denier nude hose are seamless, ensuring an extra-comfy fit, and promise not to sag, dig or roll. They’re available in U.S. sizes 2–20.
A pair of nude Sofsy tights crafted in Italy
These premium yet affordable Sofsy nylons are made in Italy. An Amazon reviewer-favorite, they provide opaque coverage in a matte style with a range of skin shades (and a number of colorful options, too, if you feel like snagging a bright pair for some extra fun). Sofsy recommends sizing up if you’re between sizes or simply prefer a looser (read: comfier) fit. They're available in multiple shades and colors and in sizes S–XXL.

Promising reviews: "Wore these with a cosplay so i could wear my leotard without being actually exposed and they covered me up great. Is opaque, but not enough to hide bright underwear, so if that matters, be mindful. The major thing tho is that it was super close to my skin tone and as a WOC/POC that's not common to find. The only con is that they don't stretch that well so I had to out them on carefully." — Luna626

"These tights gave what they were supposed to give! Definitely a brown girls 'nude' tights and plus size friendly! Helped my look come together." — Kandice Miller
A pair of mega-affordable nude hose
These cult-favorite, mega-affordable nude tights by the Target brand A New Day are lauded by reviewers for their comfy fit, budget-friendly pricing and durability. Their sheer material provides a chic bare-legged look that won’t make you overheat in warm weather, while allowing you to comfortably wear skirts, shorts and dresses in chillier temperatures. Reviewers recommend that you put them on gently and size up to avoid ripping. They’re available in five shades in sizes S–2X.

Promising reviews: "These are my favorite pantyhose! I reach for these time and time again. They are the most durable ones I own. They don’t roll down either! They look so natural that often people ask me if I’m wearing hose because they can’t quite tell." — Clerkin

"I am so pleasantly surprised by these stockings! I thought decent stocking were a thing of the past, and picked these up to try. I wear stockings EVERY DAY and so do most of the women I know. These a perfect for my tastes. I already picked up 2 more pair & sent messages to friends as well. We have all been lamenting over the fact that stockings are hard to find, but when you do find them, they are so cheaply made. These tick all my boxes; sturdy construction, a decent amount of support, high waist & reinforced toes that are not totally obvious. I would be quite comfortable wearing these with sandals. Additionally, I love that these come in a variety of natural skin tones. I bought the Honey beige, and they are absolutely perfect. I know women who would be totally happy with the other shades. Well done, Target!! You have my pantyhose allegiance as long as you carry these in the same sizes and colors. Do not change a thing!!!" — Ms

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