Best Of CEATEC 2011: 9 Devices From The Future (PHOTOS)

9 Wild And Futuristic Devices From Japan's Big Tech Expo

A robot that will shampoo your hair, an electric cane, and a phone with a built in breathalyzer: these were just a few of the innovative and unusual technologies on display at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (or CEATEC) expo.

The annual trade fair, which took place October 4 through 7, is held in Japan. The theme of this year's conference was "Smart Innovation," and CEATEC's organizers wrote that the goal was to "provide detailed ideas to achieve a smart society through prosperous, health-filled and ideal lifestyles, energy conservation and saving measures, and safety and security measures."

Check out some of the most unusual and futuristic products on display at CEATEC 2011 in the slideshow below, or take a look at last year's awesome innovations here.

Murata Tactile Controller TV Remote

Best of CEATEC 2011: 9 Amazing Innovations (PHOTOS)

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