'The Best Of Me' Trailer Is A Giant Nicholas Sparks Cryfest

New Nicholas Sparks Movie Will Make You Cry, Duh

It's time for the Nicholas Sparks-induced tears to flow. The new trailer for the film adaption of Sparks' "The Best Of Me" has all the elements of a very solid ugly cry. There's lost love, prison, a reconciliation, scruffy facial hair and a few half-jokes.

Starring Michelle Monaghan, James Marsden, Liana Liberato and Luke Bracey, "The Best Of Me" is set in 1984 as Amanda and Dawson fall madly, truly, deeply in love. They're from opposite walks of life -- of course -- and are pulled apart due to terrible circumstances, duh. Two decades later they find each other again. A shorter teaser came out in June, but this full two-and-a-half minute clip reminds us "The Best Of Me" is from the same guy who gave us "The Notebook," "The Lucky One" and "Dear John." Weep away.

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