Best Of 'The Nanny'

On Thursday June 16, 2016, Fran Drescher visited AOL BUILD. For many, it was a throwback Thursday. One of the best 90's sitcoms was The Nanny and fans were delighted to remissness with her. This article is for us to remissness a little further. Below, are arguably the top five episodes of The Nanny.

1. "The Nanny"

The pilot episode is what started it all. Ms. Fine met Mr. Sheffield and became the nanny. This episode showed exactly what The Nanny was all about. She took care of the kids like no one else before her could. Brighton didn't scare her off, she gave Maggie the confidence she needed, and she started to become Gracie's best friend. The viewers also started to fall in love with the relationship that was Max and Fran.

2. "Where's the Peals"


Elizabeth Taylor guest stars in this fantastic episode. Maxwell and CC both try to get Fran out of the house, since Elizabeth Taylor is coming to meet with them. However, that doesn't work. Not only does Fran meet Elizabeth Taylor, her mother and grandmother sneak into the house as well. When Maxwell is finally aware of the situation, Fran is given an important task by Ms. Taylor. She's to give her black pearls to a courier. Sylvia tells Fran that she should deliver the pearls herself. Those pearls never get delivered because Fran bumps her head when her cab driver (Rosie O' Donnell) stops short. Fran wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and has no idea what happened to the pearls. Seeing Maxwell deal with Fran while she has amnesia (especially because she thinks she's Mrs. Sheffield), is sure to give the viewers many laughs.

3. "The Wedding "


The episode that everyone was waiting for, the wedding. This is a two part episode that starts with Fran leaving the Sheffield residence, since she believes it's bad luck for Max to see her twenty-four hours before the wedding. Fran, Val, and Sylvia go to New Jersey to pick up Fran's wedding night lingerie, but On their way back, they get a flat tire. Val, being Val, forgot to replace the tire she used to fix a flat she got a few days ago. They're rescued by Maxwell and everything seems to be going well.....until part two where Maxwell's sister Jocelyn tells her she's getting divorced from her husband due to their different social statuses. Again, Maxwell saves the day and reassure Fran that he loves her and will always love her. The wedding episode was everything a Max and Fran shipper could hope for (Sylvia's remarks and looks during the ceremony were an added bonus).

4. "The Bank Robbery"


While dealing with the news that Yetta is engaged to Sammy (Ray Charles), Sylvia thinks it's best to ensure that Yetta cannot take money out of their joint account without both of their signatures. Fran accompanies her and while they're there, a first time bank robber (Peter Scolari) attempts to rob the bank and take everyone there hostage. Fran ends up befriending him (after he tells her he needs money to get a condo for his mother in Florida to get her out of his life). They order food and discuss her relationship with Mr. Sheffield. When he attempts to escape, he takes Fran and Sylvia outside with him. This is where Maxwell tells her that he's not sorry that he told her that he loves her. While Fran and Maxwell make up, the robber takes Sylvia....but that ends up being his downfall, since she makes him stop for Mongolian barbecue. This episode gives not only Fran, but the fans, hope that they would soon hear Mr. Sheffield say, "I love you", to Fran and not take it back this time.

5. "Canasta Masta"

This episode of the second season earns a spot here just for the ending alone. Niles is left home alone while the family goes on a trip to Atlantic City for the canasta tournament Brighton, Sylvia, and Yetta are competing in. While they're away, Niles decides to parody the dancing scene in Risky Business.....that is until CC catches him. He, of course, says that he now has to kill her for what she has just seen. Besides Fran and Max's relationship, CC and Nile's relationship was a big part of the show. Fans loved their banter and the pranks that Niles would pull on CC.

There are many more great episodes of The Nanny, so comment below with your favorite episode (or episodes). If you'd like to watch Fran's interview on AOL, visit: