The Best Online Pet Stores For Dog Food Delivery And Other Pet Supplies

Here's how to get dog and cat food, toys and pet prescriptions delivered to your door — from stores other than Amazon and Walmart.

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New pet owners should bookmark these pet food delivery alternatives to Amazon and Walmart.

Just like with online grocery delivery services, there are online pet stores like Chewy that deliver everything from pet food, dog and cat toys, accessories and medication for your furry, feathered and scaly friends. 

With many more people now fostering and adopting pets as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic — and trying social distance and avoid crowded stores — it’s unsurprising that these online pet food delivery options are increasingly appealing.

But welcoming a furry friend into your home, even if temporarily, can be an adjustment to your lifestyle and routine. Preparing your place with the right essentials can make for a smoother transition. Experts recommend new pet adopters and foster parents have food and water bowls, canned or dry food, a collar and lease with an ID tag, and a bed for their new four-legged friend.

Whether you’re loading up on the essentials for a new foster cat, or just want a list of online dog food delivery services to have on hand, there are plenty of options other than Amazon and Walmart to buy pet food, cat litter and more.  

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best online pet stores for dog and cat food delivery and other supplies. With some of these online pet store options, you’ll find everything from dog DNA test kits to pet-friendly CBD that will calm anxiety during fireworks and thunderstorms. 

We’ve also included product offerings and pricing, so you can determine which service is best for your budget and your pet’s needs.

Take a look:

 1. Chewy

How It Works: Chewy is an online pet retailer that sells food and other pet-related products, like cat litter, treats, beds, accessories and more. Chewy also offers an autoship method so you can get automatic recurring deliveries of food, treats and litter for your four-legged friend
Offerings: Food, treats, toys, pet DNA test kits, pet-friendly CBD, grooming and prescriptions
Pricing: Free shipping on orders over $49


How It Works: Petco is pet retailer that sells pet essentials like food, litter, toys, medications and more
Offerings: Food, treats, toys, pet DNA test kits, pet-friendly CBD, grooming and prescriptions
Pricing: Free shipping on most orders over $35


How It Works: Smalls is a cat food delivery brand that creates healthy food carefully formulated just for your cat. You also get to try first and commit later
Offerings:  Wet and dry food, treats, toys and cat litter
Pricing: Plans starts at $58 for four weeks of food


How It Works: The Farmers Dog is a service that delivers fresh-made dog food with human-grade food right to your door
Offerings:  Fresh dog food
Pricing: Delivery plans start at $2 a day, and include free shipping


How It Works: Wild One offers trendy and practical pet essentials like easy to clean collars and leashes, carriers, toys and furnishings, as well as treats
Offerings: Pet carriers, furniture, treats, toys, and grooming products
Pricing: Free standard shipping on orders over $50


How It Works: Cat Person delivers wet and dry cat foods and treats, as well as trendy and practical cat essentials like toys and furnishings
Offerings: Wet and dry cat food, treats, toys, beds and other furnishings
Pricing: Free shipping on meal plans and a la carte orders over $40


How It Works: BarkBox is a monthly customized box of themed toys and treats for dogs
Offerings: Each BarkBox includes two toys, two bags of treats and a chew
Pricing: Boxes start at $22 with free shipping

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