The Best Pajamas I've Ever Worn Are $22 From Target

They come in eight colors and are genuinely better than the expensive sets I've splurged on in the past.
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My grandmother is a pajama fiend. Her style is iconic in the sleepwear she buys; matching sets decorated with cartoon dogs or bright flowers. I say this because she has passed this gene down to me and, believe me I’ve tried, I can never resist the urge to buy new sleepwear.

This also means that I’ve developed quite the snobby palette. I want something ultra lightweight (I’m a sweaty sleeper) but still impossibly soft, and something that won’t fade more and more with every wash. I was zipping in out and out of Target aisles when I felt the softest fabric my fingers have ever grazed: this Beautifully Soft set (yes, that is the name) from Star Above, an in-house Target line. My pajama soulmate.

The set is luxe in its simplicity. Just a plain button-up top and subtle collar pairing with very short shorts, available in eight colors with white piping. They cost $21.99, are similar to far pricier pajamas I’ve bought in the past, but manage to be far superior in quality. I’ve had the black set for three years and they remain just as buttery soft as they did the day I ripped off the tags. The reason? There’s no special laundering instructions. Unlike the expensive versions I’ve relegated to the back of my drawer, these don’t need to be washed separately or hang dried — and honestly, that’s the exact amount of effort I’m willing to exert for loungewear. I want to throw it in the wash with the rest of my hamper’s contents.

Another very important “why these are amazing” factor is that the fabric doesn’t feel suffocating! It’s substantial yet lightweight and won’t leave you waking up drenched in sweat. I’m also not the only person who’s obsessed: They’ve got a loyal customer base as evident by the approximately 15,000 reviews on the Target website right now. The larger collection also has variations in style, like long sleeves and pants, nightgowns and fun patterns released seasonally. They’re currently available in sizes XS-4X and seven colors. As the kids would say … run, don’t walk.

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