Best Parenting Tweets: What Moms And Dads Said On Twitter This Week

It's always fun -- and a little bit scary -- to show off your former life as a non-parent to your children. Whether you're sharing school pictures or the wedding album, it's amazing to see what kids think of Mommy and Daddy before they were Mommy and Daddy. So what if one of piece of your history was appearing as the ultimate teen heroine in possibly the most classic 80s movie ever? Molly Ringwald answered that question for us this week when she tweeted, "Showing 'Pretty in Pink' to my nine year old for the first time. She's 'Team Duckie.'"

Clearly, we could stop right there and call our beloved brat-packer's statement the parenting tweet of the week, but many moms and dads were in top form on Twitter, thanks in part to Easter planning. Click through the gallery below to see our favorite quips and make sure to follow @HuffPostParents!



This Week's Best Parenting Tweets