Best Parenting Tweets: What Moms And Dads Said On Twitter This Week

06/01/2014 03:44pm ET | Updated June 1, 2014

Kids may say the darndest things, but parents tweet about them in the funniest ways. So each week, we round up the most hilarious 140-character quips from moms and dads to spread the joy. Scroll down to read the latest batch and follow @HuffPostParents on Twitter for more!

4 y/o refuses to learn my phone number because it's "too hard" but can tell you the names & personality traits of every My Little Pony.

— Bunmi Laditan (@BunmiLaditan) May 30, 2014

*drives 15 somewhere, makes turn*

15: why is your blinker still on? OMG turn it off, you're embarrassing me!
Me: ...

*leaves blinker on*

— KCM (@kcmoore51) May 24, 2014

Had a dream last night that my daughter finally figured out how to climb out of her crib.

No, wait, that's actually a nightmare.

— Misstlovestrinkets (@mstluvstrinkets) May 28, 2014

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