The Perfect Equation For The Ultimate Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

Grape jam has been dethroned.

There have been many quests in our adult lives to recreate the magic that is a childhood peanut butter and jelly sandwich eaten during our school lunch hour. Whether it was soggy, made with store-bought jelly or homemade jam, the PB&Js of our youth were awesome because they tasted just the way they were suppose to; it was the taste of being made with love.

Some have tried to improve upon the old favorite by finding a way to give it nine unique flavor combinations. Others have looked for ways to upgrade the simple sandwich into something more glamorous. And then there are the people who have tried to find a way to perfect the sandwich by ensuring it never gets soggy -- though, one might argue that the sogginess is part of its charm.

Despite all that tinkering, it's almost impossible to top -- or even recreate -- the flavor of our school PB&Js because they contain the sweet taste of nostalgia. It's the flavor of freedom; the flavor of wild imaginations and endless possibilities; the flavor of childhood dreams. The best you can do to experience that taste again is to make it the way you like it -- and then to close your eyes and try to remember.

In search for the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that would take us back, we polled our readers to find out what combination made for the best sandwich. The results were somewhat surprising. Grape is not number one when it comes to jelly flavor. And crunchy peanut butter is giving smooth a run for its money. Below are the findings. Take them and make yourself the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich of your life -- or at least, your adult life.


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