The Best Peloton Bike Accessories You Need For Your Spin Workouts

Here are the must-have items that make indoor cycling way better for riders and instructors.
Take your home exercise routine to the next level.
Rebecca Zisser/HuffPost; Photos: Getty Images
Take your home exercise routine to the next level.

So you’ve hopped on the at-home cycling train.

If your shiny new indoor bike has arrived at your home, this means you’ve already made some decisions, like whether to get the standard Peloton bike or the latest Bike+. You may have already ordered shoes and picked up some weights.

But there are so many things you may need and probably haven’t considered ­ ­― or at least a few items to make your experience even better.

If we’ve learned anything about the Peloton community, it’s that people are passionate about their bike ― and the products that make their workouts a bit better. Curious what some of those are? Here are some accessories that can help you to take your Peloton experience to the next level.

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Organizational shoe hooks
By the time you hop off of your bike after a 30-minute ride, you’re tired. You unclip your shoes and kick them off somewhere – and between kids, dogs and life, they can sometimes go missing. These acrylic shoe hangers hook onto the side of your bike’s weight rack and provides a convenient way to store your shoes.

Get it for $8.99, or grab one compatible with the Peloton Bike+ for $10.81.
A water bottle with a nozzle
"It's the most important to make sure you are hydrating before, during and after your workout," Peloton instructor Olivia Amato told HuffPost. "I find it easiest to grab a water bottle with a nozzle so I don’t have to twist the cap on and off during my workout!"

This water bottle is designed to keep your water cold for longer thanks to its three layers of insulation. It also comes in multiple sizes and colors.

Grab one starting at $11.
Celebratory milestone stickers
If your name was passed over during your milestone ride, there are some ways to remind yourself of these achievements at home. Pick up a pack of vinyl milestone adhesives for your bike. Slap one on when you hit 50 rides and mark major milestones all the way up to 3,000.

Get them for $8.99.
Padded cycling shorts
A typical Peloton session can be hard on your tush. These bike shorts come with 4D gel padding to help provide relief from all the vibrating that a cycling class involves. The stereoscopic padding contains high-density foam and silicone gel to keep your bottom protected without being too bulky.

Get a pair starting at $15.39.
A pair of high-quality headphones
"For me, music is everything and helps me to commit and level up," Amato said. She prefers Apple AirPods or Beats Wireless headphones when she rides.

Get the AirPods for $113 or some Beats noise-cancelling headphones for $149.95.
An extra-comfy bike seat
Not to sound like a broken record, but yes, all that bouncing around while you pedal can lead to a sore behind at the end of your ride. There’s an easy fix for that: Upgrade your bike seat to something with more padding.

This seat is built with elastomer spring suspension to help cushion the landing when you switch from standing to sitting. The seat comes with all the tools you need to install it and a waterproof cover. Just keep in mind that any significant changes to your bike could mess with your warranty.

Get it for $42.99.
A towel (and a handy towel hook)
Getting sweaty on the bike means you’re reaching for your towel every few minutes. But where do you put it? If you drape it across your handlebars, it can interfere with your grip. And how many times have you had it slide off and onto the floor while you’re strapped in and can’t reach for it?

Enter this set, which comes with a microfiber towel and adhesive hook that attaches to the side of your screen. Alternately, if you're looking to rep your bike, Amato loves the Peloton sunrise towel.

"I find it comforting to have a towel handy to use throughout my workout," she said. "I also like to throw it over my head at the end, after a really tough effort."

Get the towel hook set starting at $7.99 or grab the Peloton towel for $17.
A handlebar fan
Even the mildest of bike rides will cause you to work up a sweat. And many people store their bikes in their garages, which makes it impossible to work out when it's hot. But many reviewers swear by this battery-powered stroller fan for keeping them cool as they ride. It attaches to your bike’s handlebars and blows cool air directly on you, making it more motivating to exercise on those extra steamy days.

Get one for $15.99.
LED lights to make your room look like a studio
In-studio cycling classes are usually performed in the dark, with mood lighting that creates a vibe. Some at-home bike users are creating this magic by ordering LED light strips to decorate their at home gyms and create the ambiance of the studio. These Philips Hue lights come with a remote control to allow you to change the color, are compatible with Alexa and can sync with gaming, music and movies via the Hue Sync app.

Get the kit for $79.97.
A mount for your phone or tablet
You’re clipped into your bike for the next 45 minutes, but what if you need to fire off a quick text? Or what if you’re riding on your lunch break and expecting an important email? In cases like these, you’ll need your phone with you – and you want to make sure it doesn’t bound off of your bike. PeloGadget makes a phone or tablet mount that provides a much safer place for your phone to sit than in the water bottle holder. It attaches to the center handlebar and has a nice lip at the end to make sure your phone doesn’t slide off.

Get one for $36.03.
A heart rate monitor
Insiders know that to get the most accurate health data, you’ll need to use a heart rate monitor. Peloton sells a chest strap version for $49, and a lot of riders like the Scosche Rhythm+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor (pictured here) since it conveniently goes around your wrist or forearm. It comes in a variety of colors and connects via Bluetooth or ANT+-enabled devices.

Get one for $79.99.
A protective mat
Protect your floors by putting a mat under your bike. This thin non-slip option is great because it doesn't trap dust or hair in the way that other standard exercise mats do. It's also the perfect size for the Peloton.

Get it for $22.86.

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