The 17 Best Perfume Blogs (PHOTOS)

The 17 Best Perfume Blogs

We've taken noticed of all the rising makeup, hair and skincare "experts" sharing their straightforward reviews and tutorials online. So, we're introducing them to you in a new series highlighting the best beauty blogs.

This week, we've cherry-picked those with an intense passion for perfume. From Bois de Jasmin (where our senses are teased by Victoria's tantalizing description of fragrance and food) to T Magazine's Scent Notes (beautifully written critiques by Chandler Burr), we rather wade through their reviews than walk into a fragrance cloud at the department store.

Click through the 17 best perfume blogs in the slideshow below, then leave a comment on who you'd nominate for our list.

Meanwhile, find out if you're practicing good fragrance behavior.

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Bois de Jasmin

17 Best Perfume Blogs

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