The Best Kinds Of Personal Lube, According To Sex Experts

Hydrating oils, versatile water-based lubricants and long-lasting gels to increase your comfort and enhance your pleasure.
Make sure sex always stays comfortable with an aloe-based lubricant infused with natural plant extracts, a cold-pressed massage oil and a vitamin E silicone lube that can last just as long as you do.
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Make sure sex always stays comfortable with an aloe-based lubricant infused with natural plant extracts, a cold-pressed massage oil and a vitamin E silicone lube that can last just as long as you do.

When it comes to sex and solo play, “the wetter, the better,” said Melanie Davis, a sexuality counselor and partner in the New Jersey Center for Sexual Wellness.

Davis told HuffPost that the simple act of incorporating lubrication pre-, post- or mid-coitus can make sex better by heightening sensation, easing discomfort and even helping to prevent the transmission of infections and viruses.

Lube helps ease uncomfortable friction and helps decrease micro-tears in the tissues. That’s important as part of safer sex and transmission of infections and viruses,” Davis said.

Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez, a sex coach and creator of Sex Positive You, a platform that provides resources for navigating sexual interactions, said that it’s one of the most underrated ways to improve sex.

“Lube’s main purpose is to increase comfort and pleasure in sexual activities. Some people assume it’s mainly meant for anal sex when, really, it can be used during masturbation regardless of genitals, as well as vaginal sex, oral sex and, of course, anal sex,” Rosenstock Gonzalez told HuffPost. “And for penises, especially if the penis is circumcised, lubrication will help reduce soreness and pain.”

There’s a long-standing social consensus that incorrectly associates arousal with natural wetness that’s to blame for any stigma surrounding artificial lubricant, said Davis. “Someone can be super aroused yet on the dry side due to the menstrual cycle, overall hydration, their birth control method, stress, menopause, alcohol and medications,” she said. “Partners can help by reaching for the lube first, [thereby] normalizing its use.”

How can you “slip” onto the pleasure-train yourself? It can feel intimidating to shop for lube when a barrage of aggressive names like “Xtreme”and “Lubilicious” are jumping off shelves and product pages without any indication of how pleasure-seeking folks can best use them.

Fortunately, Rosenstock Gonzalez broke down the primary types of personal lubricants on the market. “There are four major categories of lube: water-based, silicone-based, oils and hybrids,” she explained.

Water-based: Often touted for its versatility, this is a crowd-pleasing option that won’t stain clothing or bedding and can be used with virtually any toy or contraceptive. The only downside is that doesn’t last as long as other formulations and can’t be used for water play.

Silicone: Popular for how luxuriously smooth it feels and its lasting-power, even in water, silicone is also hypoallergenic and good for those with sensitive skin. Just don’t use it on silicone-based toys (it can cause them to degrade over time) and be careful of staining your sheets.

Oil: Ideal for longer sessions and massages, oils can also be great for skin. Avoid using oil with any latex-based contraceptives such as condoms, because oil can break down the material.

Hybrids: These usually contain a combination of both water-based and silicone-based lubricants and offer the best of what both formulations have to offer. That being said, you should still be cautious using this with silicone toys.

Davis added that you should be equally diligent about avoiding certain kinds of ingredients in your lube.

A general rule is to keep the ingredient list simple, avoiding fragrances, warming and cooling agents. If you are susceptible to yeast infections or UTIs, avoid sugars like glycerin and sorbitol. Some people with hormone-receptive cancers should also avoid parabens, but always check with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns,” Davis said.

In the list below, we did most of legwork for you and compiled a collection of various lubricants from the above categories, each one formulated with body-safe ingredients. Get slippery with a hybrid-lubricant that has a luxurious satin-like texture, a water-base lube designed specifically to work with the body’s natural chemistry and nourishing cold-pressed massage oil infused with skin-loving ingredients.

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An aloe-based lube with natural plant extracts
The aloe vera-based formula of this water lubricant is designed to match the vagina’s pH and is free from any glycerins, parabens or other ingredients that might cause potential irritation. Like other water-based lubricants, Alu is safe to use with toys, conception and most condoms. It also contains mushroom extract to help promote blood flow and quinoa seed extract to reduce inflammation.
A hypoallergenic and pH-balanced lube that's great for sensitive skin
This all-natural lubricant was designed to enhance the body’s natural chemistry while being a safe option for anyone with highly sensitive skin, or who is prone to sex-related infections such as UTIs or yeast infections. The nourishing aloe- and water-based formula is both hypoallergenic and pH-balanced, and infused with a proprietary blend of mushroom extract, green tea, quinoa, hemp and calming oat.
A hybrid lubricant with a satin-like texture
For a best-of-both-worlds scenario, this all-natural hybrid lubricant combines water with a 12% ratio of silicone, offering a more persistent glide than a solely water-based formula. It has a feel that mimics natural lubrication and is formulated without any parabens or glycerin. Lovehoney reviewer Funchristiancouple called the blend "a happy medium in a world of extremes” with a "long-lasting [and] super sexy slip."
A hydrating cold-pressed oil that’s great for massage and beyond
While this versatile massage oil is not intended for intercourse, the blend of cold-pressed certified organic oils can hydrate skin and help maintain a comfortable slip even in water, making it excellent for partner foreplay or sensual self-care sessions. Vitamin-rich jojoba helps to soothe dry areas, coconut oil hydrates and argan oil protects the skin with fatty acids and antioxidants.
A long-lasting silicone lube infused with vitamin E
This best-selling lube has over 21,670 five-star-ratings on Amazon and is formulated without parabens, glycerin or other sensitizing ingredients. It’s an extra long-lasting silicone-based option that will maintain glide, even in water, and contains nourishing vitamin E to make skin feel hydrated and soft. The product is latex compatible; however, you should avoid using it with silicone-made toys.
An organic gel-textured lubricant with a cushion-like glide
Great for anal play and beyond, this viscous lubricant has a gel-like texture for an extra cushioned and comfortable performance. The organic formulation contains a number of skin-safe botanical extracts such as aloe, flax, sunflower seed, vitamin E and plant conditioners for a nourishing feel. Like other water-based lubricants, this one is safe to use with all your toys and contraceptive methods, including latex condoms.
A coconut-oil-based cream lubricant that is smooth and long-lasting
Delightfully packaged in a butter tub, Boy Butter’s oil-based lubricant can provide a long-lasting performance that feels just like natural lubrication. The formula is cream-like in texture and made from coconut oil for a versatile application that is both nourishing and hydrating. This cream lubricant is also hypo-allergenic; however, it’s not intended for use with latex contraceptives or toys.
A sampler 12-pack of Sliquid’s best-selling lubes
“It can be nice to have a 'lube buffet' with water, silicone and oil-based options at hand for different purposes,” Davis said.

She also suggested opting for smaller quantities of different lubricants before committing to a full-size bottle. This sampler pack from Sliquid contains all of the brand's best-selling natural lubes in single-use sachets that are great for travel. Inside the box, you'll find a mixture of water-based lubricants, lubes with thicker gel-like consistencies, silicone-based options with silkier textures and flavored choices like blackberry fig and tangerine peach.

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