Best Picture Books 2010: David Wiesner, Jon J. Muth, Louise Yates And Other Spectacular Illustrators Honored (PHOTOS)

The 9 Best Picture Books Of 2010

What are the best illustrated children's books of 2010? The picture books with the best pictures and greatest design -- the books with the most stunning artwork from the past year?

This week, The New York Times released 'The Best Illustrated Children's Books 2010' and Pubishers Weekly released its 'Best Books of 2010' list. At the end of last month, the Society of Illustrators honored the best book illustrations of the year with its annual "Original Art" exhibition. Now, it's our turn to weigh in.

We sifted through the masses of excellent books for kids this year to find the ones with the greatest illustrations. While we considered the quality of the book's words, we cared more about the marriage of image and text. Our list honors the best artwork found in books for children from 2010 and we believe we, indeed, found the best of the best.

Agree or disagree? Weigh in here.

"Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World)"

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