The Best Places To Buy Fruit And Vegetable Seeds Online

A guide to buying fruits, veggies and herbs online so you can start a garden from scratch.

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As the weather warms up, you might be looking to flex your green thumb in the form of fresh flowers and vibrant new houseplants. But if you have a small outdoor space or balcony, you might be itching for something more creative, like a small garden to grow your own herbs, fruits and veggies at home.

The good news is, whether you have an entire backyard or a small window ledge, there are plenty of options for growing your own garden, from wall planters and window boxes for small indoor gardens to compact garden beds you can use to start growing your own produce.

There’s a reason why nothing can compare to growing and eating produce from your own garden. The cherry tomatoes taste sweeter on your salad, the basil is more fragrant, and the berries make for the best pies.

Studies show that growing your own food has many health benefits. With a garden, you can ensure more fresh fruit and veggies in your diet, control what kinds of fertilizers and pesticides come into contact with your food and choose how ripe your produce is.

Seasoned plant parents might already have a few favorite places to order houseplants, such The Sill and Bloomscape. But you might be at a loss for the best places online to order fruit and veggie plants.

Some of us have the skills (and patience) to transform seeds into full-fledged plants, while others might want a head start with a potted sprout that just needs water, sunlight and love.

We’ve rounded up a handful of the best places online to buy both seeds and plants for fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Take a look:

Bloomscape is known for its wide range of houseplants. But folks who are more interested in tending a grown plant than raising one from seed will enjoy Bloomscape's selection of edible plants, including tomato plants, pepper plants and herbs.

Check out more produce plants at Bloomscape.
Terrain is the outdoor home-and-decor sister to Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Not only does it carry outdoor decor, plants and accessories, it also offers a wide selection of produce plants and seeds, including arugula seeds, aloe grow kits and pomegranate plants.

Check out more seeds and plants at Terrain.
Burpee is a home gardening brand that's been around for more than 140 years. On its site, you'll find a wide variety of fruit, vegetable and herb plants, such as strawberries, beets and rosemary. You'll also find useful gardening equipment, as well as practical home gardening tips.

Check out more plants and seeds at Burpee.
Food52 is known for its curated kitchen items and unique cookware, but you can also find a few seed starter kits and microgreen growers on the site.

Check out these seeds and greens at Food52.
Jordan Siemens via Getty Images
Etsy has become a popular destination for plants and pots, but there are many shops that also carry produce, such as lemon trees and broccoli seeds. You'll find many Etsy shops that sell produce plants, but our favorites include WellspringGardens,SmartSeedsEmporium and BackToNature for plants and seeds.

Check out Etsy's selection of plant and seed shops.
The Home Depot
shaunl via Getty Images
The Home Depot is a DIYer's dream, and for good reason. Whether you're looking to put up a backyard fence or just want a small vegetable garden that's low maintenance, The Home Depot is home to a large selection of produce, including seeds and plants. You'll also find all of the gardening equipment you could ever need.

Check out more seeds and plants at The Home Depot.
Willams-Sonoma might be known for its luxury kitchen gadgets, coveted cookware and delicious pantry staples, but you can also find citrus trees and herb kits on its site.

Check out these trees at Willams-Sonoma.
Andrei Stanescu via Getty Images
Lowe's might seem like an obvious choice, but if you're not a typical DIYer, you might not have realized that Lowe's is home to an entire greenhouse of greens, including seeds, sprouts and fully grown produce plants.

Check out more seeds and plants at Lowe's.

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