The Best Places To Buy Kids Glasses Online For Cheap

From flexible frames to unbreakable glasses, here are the best sites for buying affordable children's prescription glasses.

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If you've been looking for frames for your kiddo, these are the best places to find children's glasses online.
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If you've been looking for frames for your kiddo, these are the best places to find children's glasses online.

You’re probably busy trying to get the kiddos all set before their first day of school, whether that means looking for kid-friendly meal kits the whole family will love, buying cheap children’s clothes to get them through the school year or finding some of the best kids blue light-blocking glasses for screen time.

But if your kid wears glasses all the time, you could be looking for an affordable pair that’ll have them seeing everything clearly.

We previously put together guides to the best places to buy glasses online for cheap and where to buy prescription sunglasses online, but what about affordable sites for prescription glasses for kids?

So you don’t have to search too far, the HuffPost Finds team has pulled together a guide to the best places that you can get glasses for kids. It includes places like Target Optical, which offers on-site eye exams, Pair Eyewear, known customizable frames, and Zenni Optical, which provides flexible frames and unbreakable glasses for kids.

These glasses aren’t only affordable — they’re adorable enough that kids will want to wear them.

Check out the best places to find kids glasses online for cheap:

You can turn to Target Optical for kids glasses that won’t break the bank. When browsing for a pair to buy, you can check to see what your insurance will cover and choose your lenses — depending on the frame, you can get extra features like making the glasses scratch-proof. You’ll need a copy of your prescription when you check out, but you can also book an in-person eye exam at a Target Optical.

Insurance: Target Optical offers an insurance eligibility checker to see what you owe out-of-pocket, and you don’t have to fill out a claim form if your insurance is accepted (although note that there are plans that are only accepted in store and not online). If you don’t have insurance, the company has sets of frames and lenses starting at $99. You can use your FSA and HSA, too.

Prices: The frames for kids glasses at Target can range from $52 for a pair of Ray-Bans to $113 for Oakley glasses that come in three colors.

The Frames To Keep Your Eye On: Your kiddo might just love these ombre ones that are super chic or a pair of circle glasses that’ll go with everything.

You’re pretty much covered for kids of any age with Zenni Optical, which offers glasses for toddlers, little kids, preteens and teens. The brand has flexible frames that can handle almost anything and offers engraving so that your kid’s glasses feel special. For those worried about screen and sun time, you can add blue light-blocking lenses to any frame and all lenses have UV protection. You’ll need your prescription on hand before buying — and there’s a virtual try-on feature on the site to see what your kid will look like with new frames.

Insurance: Zenni Optical doesn’t work with insurance companies directly, so you’ll want to check with yours to see if you can get any money back for buying the glasses yourself. The brand does accept FSA and HSA cards for prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Prices: These frames are pretty affordable, with a section dedicated to ones that are under $20.

The Frames To Keep Your Eye On: These tortoiseshell glasses are just $20, and you can’t beat these white frames that are a total steal at $7.

You might have thought that Lenscrafters was just for adults, but the brand has a small selection of glasses that’ll be perfect for older kids (since they come in more muted colors and classic shapes). The brand also offers “evergreen aftercare” with unlimited in-store cleanings and adjustments. Lenscrafters is currently offering frames and lenses for half-off, plus a free blue light filter enhancement just in time for back-to-school season.

Insurance: You can use your vision insurance at Lenscrafters by checking to see what benefits you’re eligible for, which will then let you see the out-of-pocket costs when you’re shopping. There’s a handy-dandy list of insurance plans that the brand accepts online, including FSA and HSA benefits.

Prices: All the frames for kids we’ve seen from Lenscrafters are under $150, and lots are under $100.

The Frames To Keep Your Eye On: Our favorite frames are definitely these pink and purple ones that any kiddo would be happy to show off to their friends.

You really can’t go wrong with getting glasses from EyeBuyDirect, a favorite among HuffPost readers. It has a section for kids frames in just about every color in the rainbow. You can pick from glasses for juniors (6- to 8-year-olds) to teens. EyeBuyDirect does everything in-house as a “one stop, online optical shop.” You can get prescription glasses with features like an adjustable nose pad and ones to fit a small face, too.

Insurance: Like Zenni Optical, EyeBuyDirect doesn’t work directly with insurance companies, so you’ll want to see if yours will pay back the cost of your glasses. The company can take your HSA or FSA account.

Prices: These frames are really affordable — all of them are under $40, but you’ll be happy to know there are plenty that are $15 to $19.

The Frames To Keep Your Eye On: EyeBuyDirect’s glasses for kids have cute names that they’ll appreciate, including “Magic” and “Little Years.”

Pair Eyewear is perfect for creative kids. They can pick out a colorful frame, customize with “tops” that switch the color of the frames and shades that’ll turn glasses into sunglasses. The base frame is based on different ages, so you can find one that’ll fit your kiddo. The brand offers everything from prescription glasses to blue light computer glasses and transitions.

Insurance: Pair Eyewear isn’t directly affiliated with any vision insurance provider, but you can get reimbursed for your prescription glasses or sunglasses by sending your receipt to your insurance. You can use your HSA or FSA dollars there, too.

Prices: Pair Eyewear offers the frames starting at $60 with free prescription lenses.

The Frames To Keep Your Eye On: The brand has a sparkle top collection to add a bit of glitter and NBA team options for basketball lovers.

FramesDirect has plenty of designer glasses if you’re looking for labels like Prada and Gucci. The also site has a selection of boys and girls glasses to choose from (but let’s be honest, your child can rock any pair they want). If you already have frames you love, the brand lets you pick out lenses only.

Insurance: For most vision insurance plans, FramesDirect is an out-of-network provider. But the brand has a form to fill out so that you can get reimbursement from your insurance. And yes, you can use FSA or HSA dollars for prescription eyewear.

Prices: There are a lot of glasses for kids at FramesDirect, and you won’t have to spend a pretty penny ― most of the ones we spotted are under $100.

The Frames To Keep Your Eye On: There’s too many to choose from but you’ll find brands like Nike and Lilly Pulitzer at FramesDirect.

GlassesShop, which launched in 2004, offers glasses for adults and kids starting at $7. There are mostly circle and square frames that’ll be ideal for older kids who don’t want anything too childish. You can opt for prescription glasses with features like being progressive or bifocal.

Insurance: GlassesShop can send a copy of your invoice to your insurance company for reimbursement, or you can use your FSA and HSA.

Prices: The frames for kids at GlassesShop are all under $30.

The Frames To Keep Your Eye On: These frames with a red trim that are $25 and this pair that comes in pastel hues with an elastic cord.