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The 10 Best Places To Live Abroad

Let wanderlust take control.

Have you ever entertained the thought of dropping everything to move abroad? If so, prepare yourself, because it's about to look a whole lot more enticing.

HSBC released the results of its annual Expat Explorer Survey today, highlighting the best places to live, work and start or raise a family abroad. Of 39 countries in the survey, Singapore emerged as the top spot to live overseas thanks to its booming local economy and excellent quality of life. In second place is New Zealand, where expats say outdoor adventures and friendly locals make it easy to feel at home. Sweden ranked highly for being family friendly and Switzerland is the place to go for career advancement, rounding out a diverse list of nations where work life and real life converge in the best way possible for expats.

This year's edition of the annual survey asked nearly 22,000 expats -- both HSBC customers and others -- about their day-to-day lives in a new country. The survey focused on not just career but overall lifestyle, taking into account economics (amount of disposable income and job security, among other factors), experience (safety, ease of making friends) and family (quality of childcare and social life).

And the results are in. Visit HSBC for the full ranking of 39 countries, but get their top 10 places to live abroad in 2015 below:

Cosmo Condina via Getty Images
Four out of five expats say their job security feels better or just as stable in Switzerland compared to home, making it a good place to take a career leap.
United Arab Emirates
Joseph Plotz via Getty Images
The UAE has a strong economy and high salaries, making it an intriguing choice for career-oriented expats.
SeanPavonePhoto via Getty Images
Taiwan's sophisticated island lifestyle led expats to give it high marks for social life.
Howard Kingsnorth via Getty Images
Australia is popular with those living abroad for the first time, most of whom say it offers a better work-life balance.
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Sylvain Sonnet via Getty Images
Germany is popular with expats for its excellent job security and top-notch health programs.
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Seventy percent of expats in Bahrain say they save more money here than they did at home.
scanrail via Getty Images
Ranked as the best place for family life in the survey, expats say Sweden is an excellent place to raise kids.
New Zealand
Scott E Barbour via Getty Images
New Zealand ranks first for experience, aka the ease of adjusting and making friends in a new place.
TwilightShow via Getty Images
More than two-thirds of expats said moving to Singapore boosted their quality of life.

When choosing a city within one of these nations, weigh your options first. Some cities are more expensive than others:

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