Best Places To Retire: 10 Most Relaxing U.S. Cities To Enjoy Your Golden Years (PHOTOS)

10 Most Relaxing Places To Retire In The U.S. (PHOTOS)

When deciding where to spend your golden years, there are many factors to consider, from cost of living and employment opportunities to crime rate and climate. But if you're looking for a tranquil, stress-free retirement, arguably one of the most important considerations is how relaxing the community is.

We combed through some of America's best small towns and cities for retirement to find the best places to kick back, relax and enjoy a stress-free retirement. In addition to being retirement-friendly, these cities feature desirable climates, strong communities and many opportunities for outdoor and recreational activities. If you're looking for a little peace and quiet -- alongside opportunities to enjoy cultural events and spend time outdoors -- check out the 10 retirement destinations in the slideshow below.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

The 10 Most Relaxing Places To Retire In The U.S.

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