Best Political Halloween Costumes: Put Your Costume Where Your Mouth Is

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  1. Put on a bunch of fake blood, carry a cane or crutches, draw on what look like home-made stiches. You're... the opt out to the public option.
  2. Put a pillow under shirt and carry a bunch of baby dolls. You're... Abstinence Only.
  3. Wear a suit and glasses. Get a wolf stuffed animal and apply fake blood to it. Carry around the wolf and a baby (keep its eyes shut if possible so it looks asleep). In your free hand carry around a thesaurus. You're... Sarah Palin
  4. Combine a sexy nurse outfit with a pants suit. You're... Nancy Pelosi.
  5. Wear a pope costume. Take three cards, which you will pin to your costume. Write "Holocaust Deniers" on one, "Married Priests" on another one and "Gays" on another one. Put checks next to and Married Priests and Holocaust Deniers and draw a line crossing out the Gay sign. You're... Pope Benedict. (Feel free to add a Hitler Youth Arm band. Not sure what they look like but think Hello Kitty meets swastika).
  6. Wear a fancy suit with a top hat and a cane. Stuff yourself with pillow so you look as bloated as possible. Wear a dollar sign around your neck (you can make it out of tin foil.) You're... Too big to fail.
  7. Wear a devil costume. Pin a hanger to it. You're... the anti-choice movement.
  8. Wear galoshes, carry an oar and put a question mark on your shirt. You're... Roe v Wade.
  9. Wear pajamas. a mustache and carry around a one way ticket to Costa RIca. You're... Manuel Zelaya... President of Honduras... Remember Honduras... It's a country.
  10. Wear a cowboy hat and a suit (or an entire cowboy costume). Carry around a pair of clippers. Cut out pieces of paper in the shape of quote bubbles. Write things like "you can do it!", "believe in yourself," "it's not where you're from, it's where you're at." You're... George Bush.
  11. Wear dog ears and a tail. Wear all blue. get a stuffed animal of a donkey and tie a rope around its neck and drag the donkey around with you so it trails on the floor. Feel free to step on it. You're a blue dog Democrat.
  12. Wear a polo shirt and khaki pants. Put a pillow (or two) in the shirt. Carry around a microphone and stuffed animal elephant. Tie a rope around its neck and drag around with you so it trails on the floor. Feel free to step on it. You're... Rush Limbaugh.