Portable Laptop Chargers For When You Can't Find An Outlet

Sleek, small, portable power banks that will power your laptop without an outlet.
Anker PowerHouse portable charger,Veektomx laptop power bank and Einova ultra fast power bank.

Picture this: You’re working on your laptop at a coffee shop (or on the train, or in a crowded co-working space). Your battery is draining after hours of sorting spreadsheets or tapping out “hope this finds you well” repeatedly, and you’re going to need to charge soon — but you simply cannot find an outlet. It’s a tale any digital nomad knows well.

You know how you have a nifty portable charger for your phone that you can whip out on the go when you’re at 1%? Great news: They make those for laptops too. They’re a little bit bigger, but are still light and small enough to easily carry in a work bag, and they will be the biggest lifesaver for anyone working on the go.

To help you stay charged, we’ve rounded up the highest rated and most versatile powerable laptop chargers you can find on the web. They all can charge multiple devices — like your phone, wireless earbuds, tablets, cameras, gaming devices, drones and more. One can even jump-start your car battery. Ahead, say goodbye to extension cords and awkwardly asking people to move at the cafe.

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Einova ultra fast power bank
This is the charger I have, which now goes with me everywhere. It's super slim and easy to pack (about the size of an iPad mini) so it easily fits in a tote bag or briefcase. It has a fabric-like texture on both sides, which makes it look a little more chic and less like a random piece of technology. It has three charging ports, one USB-C and two USB-A's, and can charge three devices at the same time. Best of all, it's sleek and minimalist, so you won't feel dorky using it at work or a hipster coffee shop.

Promising review: "This thing is amazing!!! The design is very professional looking with a strong slick outer shell and smooth exterior made in Italy!!

When fully charged can definitely hold its own over and over again. It look about an hour to fully charge the first time. Once I charged it and didn’t use it for a week, when I went to use it the battery was still completely full after a week.

We’ve taken it on many road trips and for work. Sometimes finding a seat near an outlet can be impossible since everyone is looking to change their devices. This battery bank is powerful, doesn’t disappoint at all. We love it and have 2 now. Highly recommend!" — Marygretchen
Baseus portable laptop charger
Bring your Macbook from 0% to 50% in 50 minutes with this multifunctional portable power bank. It has three USB-C ports and four USB-A ports and can charge multiple devices at the same time. Charge your kiddo's Nintendo Switch as you power up your phone and wireless earbuds.

Promising review: "This charger fits right inside the bottom of my steam deck case, if you have the original case, it fits inside the outside under the strap. Regardless, it charged my deck twice without issue and my cell phone. It's a STEAM DECK MUST BUY" — jtravapd
SinKeu 65-watt portable laptop charger with AC outlet
With two USB ports and an AC outlet, this portable power bank can charge your laptop for two whole charges. It comes with a car charger so you can re-power it on the go. You can juice up multiple devices at the same time, and the charger recharges within four hours. Reviews say it's great as a portable laptop charger but also works as a power bank for smaller devices.

Promising review: I've had this running for days to constantly power a drinking fountain for my pets, and there were no issues. Like I said, it lasted days doing that before it needed a recharge. After that, it has been used to power random Apple products (phones, remote, iPad) and has done the job each time. It is able to run for months doing these small charging jobs. I would consider buying another just to have more around the house in case the power goes out." — Luckipuppi
Baseus laptop power bank
Lean and mean, this sleek portable power bank is less than an inch high, recharges in 1.5 hours and will power your Macbook up to 36% in 30 minutes. It has two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports and can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Promising review: "I take 14-hour international flights. The only laptop that fits on a plane is a 13-inch (Dell XPS 13). This power bank slides under the laptop as your work (on a plane). I tested it by plugging it into my XPS 13 with the laptop not plugged in. The laptop just played a video for three hours and the battery stayed at 100% due to the power bank." — Keyser Söze
Portable phone laptop charger car jump starter
You thought you'd seen it all until you gazed upon this portable laptop charger than can also jump-start your car or riding lawn mower. With two USB ports, an AC port and a port for a CR jumping cable, this power bank with an LED floodlight is an all-in-one tool you'll be happy to have.

Promising review: "You won’t believe this. Gave this to my daughter for her birthday. My husbands car died in the driveway the next morning and we jumped it. Great timing. Easy to use. I am going to buy all my family members this for Christmas." — Amazon Customer
Veektomx laptop power bank
If you're balling on a budget, this nifty power bank will charge your laptop up to 50% in just an hour. It has two USB-C ports and one USB-A and fully recharges itself in two hours. It's about the size of an iPhone so it's easy to pack with you on the go.

Promising review: "I've reviewed so many power banks the last couple of years and this one sits at the top, really like it. First impressions, it's a great looking bank, so sleek, modern and well made. Fancy I'd say. I also like the size, it's not too big, you could fit it in a pocket if you need to.

Course the best thing I like about this power bank is the speed. At 65 watts, it will charge your devices quickly. My daughter used it a couple times now and she can verify it gets the power levels up there quickly. Now if I can just get here to charge the dang power banks I give her!

Also handy it has both USB-C and USB, to cover most any device. Only comes with one cable, but it's all we need.

Could not be happier, and one of my favorite banks, would gladly recommend!" — Ron Killian
Anker PowerHouse portable charger
Charge four devices at once with this multifaceted Anker power bank. It has a USB-C port, two USB ports and a 100W AC outlet, with a 27,000 mAh cell capacity that can charge a 2020 MacBook Air 1.5 times. This baby also has a flashlight so it's great to take camping or to have during a power outage.

Promising review: "I was a little skeptical about buying a battery powered charger but I needed something for camping. I was surprised that this unit charged my phone 8 times with 4 times my phone was below 10%. Also charged my MacBook, iPad, headphones, and iPods all on a single charge, and the battery level had 2 dots left. Plenty of power for all my devices and lasted all weekend with power to spare. The built in flashlight was helpful believe or not during initial setup of camp until I got the big lights going. All around good portable charger with plenty of power for its size." — Ray Lozano
Omni 20+ laptop power bank and wireless charger
A wireless charger and a power bank all in one, this baby will juice up Qi-compatible smartphones with no wire. With two USB outlets and an AC outlet, it can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Promising review: "So I bought this power bank two years ago for an off the grid camping trip, and then forgot about it after I didn't end up needing it.

Turned it on TWO. YEARS. LATER. And it still had full battery. Tested it out by charging my gaming laptop and it still easily fulfilled its promise of giving the laptop a FULL charge. It'd be wrong to not leave a review after seeing something that impressive, honestly." — Mickey

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