These Are The Best Practical Black Friday Deals

Grab those items you've been needing anyway — but are now at a steep discount.
A pack of Stasher reusable bags, Jackery portable power station, Roomba 692 robot vacuum and Brooklinen down comforter.

You can never go wrong by stocking up on practical items during big sale events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a no-brainer opportunity to grab things you need anyway or have been wanting, and are now at a steep discount. After all, nothing quite beats the satisfaction of knowing you’ve scored a true steal that you’ll actually use.

We’ve rounded up some of the best useful Black Friday deals available across the web, including must-have emergency preparation items home upgrades, smart devices, cozy linens and more. (Unless otherwise noted, all the deals listed ahead are valid through Nov. 27 or while supplies last.) Read on for our best curated picks.

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Kasa Smart Wi-Fi mini plugs (30% off list price)
These handy Kasa smart plugs allow you to turn your home electronics on and off from anywhere — so you never have to waste money on your electric bill after forgetting to turn off your fan or lamp again. An added perk? By being able to turn lights off and on while you're gone, you can make it look like you're home even while you're on vacation.
An electric standing desk with USB charging ports (40% off list price)
Some reviewers deem this electric standing desk their best purchase of the year, and it's not hard to see why. With easy height adjustment, USB-A and USB-C ports, ample drawer and tabletop space, this next-level desk ensures you'll want for nothing while you work. An added bonus? It promises to be quick and simple to assemble.
A bestselling electric can opener (40% off list price)
This can opener was created specifically to help a family member who was having a difficult time in the kitchen due to arthritis in her hands. It's designed to automatically open cans with two taps of a button — completely hands-free — leaving can edges smooth and free of sharp edges. Reviewers with arthritis and difficulties gripping especially love this, calling it a "gem." It requires four AA batteries.
A pack of reusable Stasher silicone storage bags (20% off list price)
These highly-rated reusable Stasher silicone bags are a great option for storing everything from snacks to shoes to a change of clothes. They're designed to be leak-free and safe for the dishwasher, microwave and even the oven up to 425 degrees. Stasher promises to use food-grade, BPA-free silicone, and claims that each bag can replace 260 single-use plastic bags.
A pair of popular Beckham Hotel Collection pillows (40% off with coupon)
Boasting over 158,000 5-star ratings, these pillows are filled with a soft down alternative that helps them keep their plush shape, which makes them a great pick for back, stomach and side sleepers alike. Hot sleepers will especially appreciate the pillows’ cooling fiber and breathable cotton cover with a luxe 400-thread count. Plus, reviewers are obsessed with them, with some writing they’ve been on a years-long hunt for the perfect pillow that led them here. Be sure to check the “apply coupon” box to claim this sale price.
The Waterpik Aquarius flosser (50% off list price)
Reviewers are obsessed with this dental flosser, which uses water to clean between all the crooks and crevices in your teeth while stimulating your gums. According to Waterpik, the water flosser is 50% more effective than dental floss and removes a staggering up to 99.9% of plaque.

It's multifunctional, boasting 10 cleaning settings, a massage mode to stimulate your gums, 360-degree tip rotation, and a timer to help track your time flossing. This version comes with seven different removable tips, so if you'd like, multiple family members can have their own tips and share the Waterpik.

Best of all, it's super easy to use. Just fill the back reservoir with water and you can begin flossing. It's also safe for the dishwasher and comes with a three-year warranty. Reviewers say you'll only wish you bought it sooner.
A bestselling vegetable chopper (40% off list price)
This vegetable chopper is a reviewer favorite. It slices and dices fruits and veggies by a simple open and close of its lid, making it easier and less time-consuming to prepare food. Its design lets you cut food directly into its storage container, too. Besides chopping components, it also includes spiralizer blades, a julienne cutter and a ribbon cutter. Reviewers insist it's worth the hype. It's dishwasher-safe, BPA-free and rust-resistant.
A four-pack of motion-sensing, dimmable nightlights (28% off list price)
I had always assumed nightlights were for children who struggled with a fear of the dark. But when a previous roommate wordlessly put a nightlight in our apartment’s shared bathroom, I quickly realized how subtly revolutionary these practical little gadgets are. I absolutely loved never having to turn on the overhead light late at night, so I could actually fall back asleep after a bathroom trip. I now swear by my these for bathrooms, kitchens and dark staircases, so much so that once I moved into a new place, I, too, wordlessly bought and plugged in nightlights of my own.

These dimmable nightlights turn on when they detect motion in the dark, and turn off again after 60 seconds of inactivity (you can also opt to turn this function off, keeping the nightlight either always on or always off). Its motion-sensing function makes it a great choice for dark areas like garages or even closets, plus helps cut down on your electricity bill.
A Ring video doorbell with a spotlight camera (26% off list price)
This popular video doorbell device allows anyone to see, hear and speak to someone at their front door through their smartphone, tablet or computer. It also sends mobile notifications when anyone sets off its built-in motion sensors or rings the doorbell. It provides an extra sense of security for those living alone, and is designed to easily connect to Wifi and pair with Alexa-enabled devices. This pack also comes with a second camera to give you an expanded view of your doorstep (and anyone at the door).
The Everlasting Comfort gel-infused under-desk foot rest (20% off list price)
Made with cooling memory foam, this ergonomic foam rest is designed to help correct your posture and support your lower back, knees and legs as you work. Soft yet sturdy, it is a welcome upgrade from clunky plastic alternatives, and may just revolutionize your work setup.
An Aerogarden Harvest kit (56% off list price)
This popular hydroponic system helps to grow lush herbs indoors all year-round — and this is the lowest price it's been all year. It comes with a six-pod herb seed kit to grown basil, mint, thyme, parsley and more, and features a control panel that automatically turns the LED lights on and indicates when it's time to add water or plant food.
The Everlasting Comfort desk chair seat cushion (33% off list price)
Made of high density memory foam, this ergonomic seat cushion promises to help relieve pain in your tailbone, legs and hips while supporting healthy posture. Reviewers even love it for helping soothe back pain and sciatica. The best part? It's easily portable, so you can carry it to the car, couch or on the plane so you can use it wherever you go. The cover is also machine-washable.
A Suprus electric lighter (50% off)
This handy little rechargeable electric lighter is a game-changer for anyone who loves candles and incense. You can simply use one of these instead of going through packs of matches or disposable lighters. It's available in several colors, is easy to use and charge and is wind- and splash-proof.
The Chom Chom reusable pet hair remover (37% off)
The cult-fave Chom Chom may well be a game-changer if you have pets. To use it, roll it across furniture like you would a lint roller; its rubberized blade and microfiber surface effectively capture pet hair inside of its handy receptacle, which you can then dump out to keep using it — no sticky paper waste required.
A bestelling Levoit Core 300 air purifier (20% off list)
The Levoit Core 300 air purifier is an established internet favorite thanks to its effective filtration system that puts pollutants, smoke, pet dander and allergens through a 3-in-1 filter, including a HEPA filter. But what makes this air purifier really stand out is its thoughtful details, like its whisper-soft night mode and the display-off feature that allows you to turn its LED light off so it won't bother you when you're trying to sleep. This “lightning deal” is valid today only.
A Jackery portable power station (36% off list price)
Powerful yet weighing only 6.6 pounds, this versatile power source is lightweight to maneuver while supplying an impressive amount of power due to its 240Wh lithium-ion battery pack. It's designed to provide power backup for you to charge phones and laptops and use necessities like lights or portable fans should a power outage occur.
The Roomba 692 vacuum (37% off list price)
If you're looking for an affordable robot vacuum that'll get the job done, this Roomba model is a great choice. It has versatile brushes that pick up everything from dirt and dust to pet hair (including on carpet), and can detect which areas in your home are particularly dirty, like a high-traffic entryway, so it can clean them more thoroughly.

Plus, it can connect to your Alexa or Google Assistant device. When its 90-minute runtime is up, it automatically docks itself to recharge. Easy.
A touch-free 35-ounce Brümate Rotera water bottle (25% off list price)
Score 25% off Brümate's entire site, where you can find modern drinkware ranging from coolers to tumblers. I personally love my Rotera water bottle; its ergonomic handle allows for easy carrying and it is truly leakproof (I've inadvertently tested this many a time by dropping it and knocking it over). The best part of this bottle? Its twist-to-drink straw, which provides easy, touch-free hydration without repeatedly exposing your drink to dust and dirt (or having to continuously unscrew and screw a lid).
The bestselling Ember temperature control mug (38% off list price)
This chic smart mug will keep your drink at your preferred temperature all day long. You can opt to control it with an app to customize your drink's heat exactly, or this smart gadget will remember your preferred temperature from your last drink and defer to that. It auto-turns off after two hours without activity and is designed to resist scratches. (The sale price is currently only valid on the red and white models.)
A popular Brooklinen down comforter (25% off)
Given the chilly winter weather and shorter days, you'll love cocooning in this cozy, super-soft down comforter all night long. It comes in lightweight, all-season and ultra-warm weights to ensure you get exactly the kind of feel you're looking for.
A fresh set of Brooklinen sheets (25% off)
Brooklinen's site-wide sale makes it an excellent time to refresh your linen closet. These über-comfy 100% European flax linen sheets will carry you from winter to summer, and their unique garment-dyed colors will make them look effortlessly cool.

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