Just 67 Of The Best Things To Buy On Amazon

If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available on Amazon, consider this your one-stop shopping guide.
<a href="https://www.amazon.com/Apple-Generation-Cancelling-Transparency-Personalized/dp/B0BDHWDR12?tag=emilyruane-20&ascsubtag=650b3caae4b0a8b568537844%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="Apple AirPod Pros" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="650b3caae4b0a8b568537844" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/Apple-Generation-Cancelling-Transparency-Personalized/dp/B0BDHWDR12?tag=emilyruane-20&ascsubtag=650b3caae4b0a8b568537844%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="0">Apple AirPod Pros</a>, <a href="https://www.amazon.com/SATINA-High-Waisted-Leggings-Women/dp/B0B7BCQ5TH?tag=emilyruane-20&ascsubtag=650b3caae4b0a8b568537844%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="high-waisted leggings" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="650b3caae4b0a8b568537844" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/SATINA-High-Waisted-Leggings-Women/dp/B0B7BCQ5TH?tag=emilyruane-20&ascsubtag=650b3caae4b0a8b568537844%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="1">high-waisted leggings</a> and <a href="https://www.amazon.com/NISHEL-Organizer-Full-Sized-Conditioner-Accessories/dp/B08JPKFYPG?tag=emilyruane-20&ascsubtag=650b3caae4b0a8b568537844%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="travel toiletry bag" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="650b3caae4b0a8b568537844" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/NISHEL-Organizer-Full-Sized-Conditioner-Accessories/dp/B08JPKFYPG?tag=emilyruane-20&ascsubtag=650b3caae4b0a8b568537844%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="2">travel toiletry bag</a>.

Popular items from this list:

  • A Baroque mirror no one will believe came from Amazon with Prime shipping
  • A pair of unbelievably soft leggings in a super-buttery, lightweight fabric so comfy, you’ll want to buy them in every color
  • The newest 2nd gen AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation, spatial audio, three silicone tips for customized fit, and over 24 hours of listening time

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A Baroque mirror no one will believe came from Amazon
Available in four sizes and five finishes.

Promising review:
"All I can say is woooow! This mirror is not only affordable, but the quality is amazing. It’s heavy and not cheap looking. The gold color is not so tacky, and it’s done just right. My main concern was receiving a broken mirror but the packaging was great and arrived in one piece. Don’t hesitate buying this gem, you need it!" — Celeste C
A hanging toiletry bag
I bought this for a recent trip, and I was legit shocked at how much I could fit inside — and it zips up to be surprisingly small! I bought the medium which was plenty big for my needs, especially if you're packing in a carry-on.

Promising review: "Seriously?! Do you see how much this holds?! Full shampoo bottles, face washes, hair brush...everything I could need or want to bring, FITS IN THIS ONE BAG! And it’s so cute! Feels like great quality too — all the hardware came with protective wraps to keep from scratching and the zippers feel very hardy. The hook at the top is also VERY WELL-SECURED to the bag, it’s double stitched to the top panel and almost feels like seatbelt material. And I love the extra pockets and netting inside. I would absolutely recommend this!" — mahea_c
A made-in-Italy diamond-cut decanter
Promising review: “I purchased this for my brother as a Christmas gift last year. The package arrived in perfect condition with its contents safely intact. After pouring our first glass of whisky from this decanter we immediately felt more sophisticated and used words like indubitably, transcendent, and ergo. Indeed, drinking from this decanter will make even Canadian LTD taste piquant." — Justin Pickens
An oscillating tower fan
It's sleek and narrow, so it won't take up a ton of space in your room, and it looks surprisingly cool! It comes with a remote control so you can turn it on from your bed, and the LED lights turn off in sleep mode, so you don't need to worry about being disturbed.

Promising review: "Get this! Best purchase I’ve made. I live in Arizona, and while I have AC, my room faces the sunrise and takes the brunt of the direct-sun heat. And while I have blackout curtains, they don’t keep the heat at bay. THIS FAN HERE! I finally made the choice to invest in a good fan, and boy was I so shockingly pleased by this fan. The remote responsiveness is great! The sound even at its highest is quite a low hum, the fan is strong, LOVE the quiet mode, please go and get. My room now stays perfectly cool, even during the Arizona summer at its peak." — clarisse
A set of internet-famous Melanni sheets
Promising review: "I can't say enough good things about these sheets. I was waking up at night HOT all the time and thinking it was a physical thing for me personally. I was reading online and stumbled on these and thought 'Hmmm...wonder if my uber-expensive sheets are actually making me hot at night??' I ordered these and I'm sleeping like a baby now. No more night sweats. Ordering some for my son as well. Game changer! High quality and exceptional price." — J. Marshall

Promising review: "I read from other reviews these sheets were soft so I wasn't too surprised when I received them and man are they soft and so comfortable. We have Egyptian cotton sheets that were expensive and I promise we have changed them back out for the comfort of these sheets. The cotton sheets were cold and these were just right. The other thing is my husband has thin skin that any nick he will bleed. Well he has bled on these white sheets and when we washed them (in cold water as instructed) the blood always comes out and never stains. I can't say enough great things about them except to say all three of my adult kids are receiving a set as part of their Christmas!" — Sheree Chrestman
Cosrx’s snail mucin repairing essence
I love this essence for whenever I need an added boost of hydration. It absorbs into the skin beautifully.

Promising review: "This stuff heals and moisturizes like a miracle. I have very sensitive skin and couldn’t tolerate retinol until I started using this. Now my skin will handle Tretinoin (prescription grade retinol). As long as I layer snail over it, there’s no irritation. It also soothes rosacea and heals acne quickly. Try it, you won’t regret it." — Sara Simkins
A Simple Modern tumbler for all of your hydration needs
Get a closer look at it on TikTok.

Promising review: "Please do not run out to Targé and waste your money on a Stanley IF you’re only using a cup for ice/cold drinks. This cup is just as good and far more affordable. I put ice in my cup over 24 hours ago during my shift at the hospital, and there is still ice in the cup! This product is BEYOND worth it at this price point. You won’t be disappointed. If the cup isn’t in your cart at this point, I don’t know what’s wrong with you: GET IT! 😂" — Marie
A desktop inflatable tube guy
It even comes with a 32-page booklet about the history of the tube man.

Promising review: "Best gift. This was the hit of Christmas this year and had everyone fighting over it. It is rather loud but that is to be expected since it is essentially a small air blower. Looks just like its life-size counterpart and is just as silly and fun but now for your desk or wherever you plug it in." — Linsey Shubert
The 2022 Kindle Paperwhite
I have a two generations' old Paperwhite and it's still going strong (I almost wish it would break so I'd have a reason to get one of these new beauties). Still is one of the best Prime Day purchases I've ever made! You can instantly buy and download ANY books right from your device (we love instant gratification), or even download ebooks for free through your local library.

Promising review: "Best purchase this year. I didn’t think I would use this very much because I love reading physical copies of books so much, but I read my Kindle everyday and LOVE IT!! I love that it’s backlit so I can read at night, and it keeps a charge for at least a week. Absolutely recommend!" — Sydney Robinson
A pair of unbelievably soft leggings
Thes are available in two size ranges: one that fits women's sizes S–L and one that fits women's sizes XL–3X, capri and full lengths, with and without pockets, and in 23 colors. And because they're so comfy, just note that they won't have any compression.

Promising review: "Uhhhhmazing. These are like a baby’s bottom wrapped in your coziest sweater dipped in butter kind of soft. I wished everything I owned felt this good. I was originally worried that the ‘one size’ would be an issue, I’m a curvy 5’5, but I’m happy to report not a one issue in sight. However, even if there was an issue it would vanish the second I slip these on and fall back deeper and deeper into the softest and coziest land I’ve ever been to. Side note, I never write reviews. The End." — Jhanna Truskin
The Chom Chom, a pet hair–removing roller with a patented brush design
It has over 100,000 five-star reviews!

Promising review: "Where has this been all my cat-loving life? Sticky rollers work fine for clothes but this is the only product that has ever COMPLETELY removed all the cat hair from my bed. I have a long-haired 20-pound. tabby and if you run your hands up his back a few times and fling the hair everywhere, it looks like it's snowing – he never stops shedding no matter what I do. After using the ChomChom, I can put on a black dress and roll around on my bed and not get a single hair on me. It's absolutely amazing. Everyone is getting one for Christmas, even if they don't have a pet. I don't care, it's THAT good." — Stephanie
A stylish acrylic block and set of sleek black carbon steel knives
This comes with 13 knives, a pair of kitchen scissors, a peeler, and a two-stage knife sharpener.

Promising review: "These knives are great! They stay super sharp, they’re comfortable to hold, and I love how much counter space it leaves as opposed to a big bulky knife block. Fits perfectly in my minimalist kitchen!!! And it looks great on my counter being one of the few things that I keep on my countertop! It is the perfect amount of knives without being too many knives (I don’t like things in excess)! I have never had a cheese knife before, and this baby is my favorite one in the whole set! LOL! It slices through hard cheeses like butter! Have not tried on soft cheese, but I’m sure it’ll be great because it is super sharp! I can’t say enough about how much I love these knives!!" — Sadie Allen
A set of snazzy-looking and surprisingly affordable wireless Bluetooth earbuds
Aaaaand for the fancy pants you are, they come with a wireless charging case and provide up to 14 hours of charge, and four-plus hours of continuous playback. (with the earbuds able to play for four-plus hours with each full charge). Did I mention they're are also sweatproof and waterproof?? With over 160,000 5-star reviews, they are mega popular, too.

Promising review: "Excellent sound quality and easily to pair with many devices. I have four other pairs of earbuds and these are the best I have found. I use earbuds every night to listen to movies on TV so as not to disturb the wife while she sleeps. These are fantastic for that. I also use them during the day to listen to music while walking or biking. The best earbuds at an incredible value. Everyone who needs earbuds should have at least a pair of these in their possession. Awesome quality in the best earbuds I have found online!" — Michael1
A mini ice sphere maker you may have seen all over TikTok
Promising review: "This product is amazing. I love ice but my fridge is old and doesn't have an ice maker. I've tried so many ice trays and this is the best functionally. Other silicone trays tend to spill over and end up giving you half an ice cube . These are plastic therefore hold all the water properly. I also LOVE the sphere shape, makes everything look a little more fancy. The best part is that it also comes with storage to hold the ice while more is being made. I drink ice with every drink I have through the day and it helps me never run out or have to wait for ice to be ready. I purchase a lot from Amazon but this has truly been one of my favorite products and they are so cute stored in the fridge! 20/10." — Carolina Rodriguez
A no-scrub shower cleaner
Best invention ever? Possibly.

Promising review: "This stuff is excellent. It performs as promised, it has a very nice scent, no fumes, and leaves shower clean with no scrubbing actually necessary. It is very easy to apply and rinse off. It is designed very well, with squirting spout separate from the large container and attached by a longish tube, so you don't have to hold the heavy container while applying the product. I've been using it for quite a while now, and I love it. I highly recommend it." — Stephanie Martin
A Roomba robot vacuum that navigates around your home
It runs for up to 90 minutes before automatically heading to the dock to recharge.

Promising review: "So far it is amazing! It picks up SO much dirt and hair. We have three dogs and a cat and my floors are spotless. We decided to get this cheaper one to see if it was something that would work for us and I am amazed! For the first week, we let it run everyday. We made sure we picked everything up and it only got stuck one time and that was because it went behind our couch that had been moved out accident. During week two, I did the maintenance on it and it was super simple. We use it every other day and have it schedule to run just before we get home. This thing even picks up cat litter! If you are on the fence, try it. Has made my life so much easier not having to sweep everyday!" — Kathryn P.
A pair of TikTok-famous Cushionaire slide sandals that seem to get more popular with every passing day — and for good reason. Reviewers swear the molded cushioned footbed (made from a *waterproof* foam) stays comfy for hours and hours, whether you're using them as at-home slippers or actual outside shoes.
Promising review: "Best Amazon purchase I’ve made! I have spondylilothesis and spinal stenosis, so I get horrible back, leg and foot pains. This literally helps relieve my pain while I’m working standing on my feet. They are super cute I get tons of compliments on them and they are breathable, lightweight and easy to keep clean. Perfect for Hawaii weather! 💁🏽‍♀️ There are other brands that look like this but don’t be fooled THIS is the brand that is the most comfortable I have other brands and they don’t cut it!" — Chelsea Proenza
The newest 2nd-gen AirPods Pro
Promising review: "Best purchase of 2022. I love the new AirPods Pro !! The bass is very deep compared to the previous one. And the noise canceling is amazing!! Definitely recommended." — Tobias

Promising review: "I have purchased every generation of AirPods. When I first read the reviews here, before purchasing these AirPods, I thought people were perhaps exaggerating a bit. But after having them for two days, what they say is absolutely true. The sound is amazing. Light years better than the AirPods Pro 1. It’s hard to believe that the richness of sound and bass can actually be produced by these small speakers. The noise cancellation feature is outstanding; in fact, when I took them out of my ears, and was hit with the onslaught of actual live sound around me, I realized just how effective the noise filtration is. They’re comfortable, fit great in my ears, especially with the choices of circular ear pads that are included, and the battery life is so much better than the previous generation. Love these guys. Very satisfying purchase." — M. SHAPIRO
A Squatty Potty
If you somehow still don't know what a Squatty Potty is, it's a toilet stool that keeps your feet raised while pooping.

Promising review: "I love Squatty Potty and you will too. It works like a charm. You will wonder how you got along without it all these years. Think 'Laundry Chute!' That's the best way I can explain it. You will have more time on your hands now, that you own a Squatty Potty. You go into the bathroom and you are out in seconds, not 10; 15; or 20 minutes as in the past. Business owners should buy these for their bathrooms, as their employees will take less time on bathroom breaks, really! In fact if the government would invest in these for every bathroom, the legislative process would even speed up. You will be glad you got one!" — campromise
A sleep-training clock
Watch this parent share why this sleep trainer is one of their "best parenting hacks" in this TikTok.

Promising review: "My 2-year-old started getting up at 6:30 instead of 7:30 and was ready for the day. I saw this on TikTok, so I ordered it and explained to him how if Mella is red, we have to sleep, and when Mella turns green, it’s time to play. The first night, he sat up a couple of times in the night and looked at it and laid back down. We’ve been using it for almost a week, and he stays in bed until it’s green without any crying or complaining, so it fixed my problem so fast! You do have to toggle the night light on to red if you want it in all night. You could choose other colors, too, but red and green worked well since he has a car seat with red and green stop lights, so easy connection. Anyways, I highly recommend it! He loves to check on Mella during the day and see if it’s asleep." — Mpt2
A three-pack of Scrub Daddy sponges
If you don't know what makes a Scrub Daddy different from other sponges, let me tell ya: it's firm in cold water (for tougher messes) but soft in warm water (for lighter cleaning). The scratch-free material is safe on tons of surfaces: glass, stainless steel, cast iron, nonstick, chrome, copper, etc. And if you thought the face was just a gimmick, think twice — the eye and smile holes are great for quickly cleaning large and small utensils!

Promising review: "I cannot speak highly enough of this amazing scrubber! It cleans absolutely everything, doesn't scratch nonstick surfaces, has a fun texture, doesn't smell bad over time, and actually speeds up my dish cleaning time. Seriously, this is the best scrubber I have encountered in years. I bought one for several friends and family members for Christmas after seeing it on Shark Tank, and I've already replaced one for myself. This makes a wonderful and practical gift. My son liked it so much he just purchased two more packages to clean their new stainless-steel sink. This product is a great value compared to every other scrubber I have tried, and I have A LOT of them. Finally, it looks great sitting on the counter or in the sink with its smiley face and fun colors. Great value: you can't go wrong with this one!" — Carla
A satin-lined sun hat
Beautifully Warm is a Black-owned business that makes satin-lined hats including winter beanies, cap-style hats with a scrunchie in the back designed for natural hair, and more.

Promising review:
"I live in a sunny state and this is perfect for keeping the sun out your eyes and matches with most of my outfits and most importantly fits my natural hair! I also use this when in my garden." — lauren g
A Revlon one-step drying brush (now with an upgraded motor)
Promising review: "Excellent brush. I bought it because my shoulder was hurt and I couldn't use the regular hair dryer because I had to use both hands. The best purchase I've ever made." — Luz Erika

Promising review: "I never write product reviews, but this brush is amazing! I have curly/wavy hair that is past my shoulders, but very fine. If I don't blow dry and straighten it right away it gets very curly and frizzy and has always been a pain to blow-dry and flat iron. I have never been very good at blow-drying with a round brush and have always relied on the flat iron to get my hair smooth after drying. With this brush, I can let my hair air dry for a bit, and then use this, and I don't need to use the flat iron at all. My hair looks so full and bouncy that several people have asked me if I just got my hair done. Honestly, with this brush, it looks better than when my hairdresser blow dries! It is so easy to use and takes way less time to do than blow drying. I haven't tried from wet wet, but today I only let it dry a bit and then used the brush and it was still fast. My only complaint is that the handle is a little big and hard to hold on to, but that is fairly minor. Also, I was worried about it getting tangled in my hair, but so far I have been able to wrap my hair around the brush and not have any issues getting the brush out. I love it!" — Bostonchick
The Shark Tank–famous Comfy, a wearable sweatshirt–blanket hybrid
Promising review: "This is the best thing I've ever bought. I love it, my dog loves it, my friends are envious. It feels like being wrapped up in the best blanket ever. I'm short (5'0") and wide (~2x–3x) and this fits perfectly loose. I wish the sleeves were shorter, but I know that I have dinosaur arms and for people with longer arms, it probably fits better. Wish the pocket was lower too, but it's nice and big and I can fit my phone and probably a small child in it. It does attract dog hair, but it brushes right off. Didn't notice any issues with stitching/quality. I know what I'm getting people for Christmas if I run out of ideas." — Amazon Customer
Essence's Lash Princess mascara
Promising review: "Rating: 10000 out of 5. You know living your day-to-day life without this mascara is a struggle. The formula is soo well done, and the application is EXTREMELY EASY. Your own child can apply it for REAL. I’ve had this mascara since 2018, and it has been one long journey finding the right mascara and it has ALWAYS HAVE MY BACK. My lashes look so LONG, CURLED, and AMPLIFIED 10x more. I’ve always been asked “Did you get your lashes done? Or are those your real lashes”? And I just tell them it’s the essence mascara. GO BUY IT. Now. For the price to be retailed at $4.99 and by giving me the EQUAL amount of effort as the $20 Telescopic Mascara I say this definitely has to be in your makeup bag. I recommend this to anyone. Tell your friends and family, because the essence of mascara is where it’s at. Thanks, essence!" — Fatihah Moien
A percussion massager with five different head attachments
Promising review: "I am a swimmer and at the end of each practice I end up with sore muscles and have really painful spasms in my legs, so I decided to purchase this massager gun to help with that. My friend recommended it to me and I have to say that I am really impressed with this product. The gun is really well built, it's not heavy, and it's easy to use, most of the accessories are made of plastic but have a good quality. The power of the gun is incredible; with the first level, I can feel that it massages the deep tissue of my muscles, I have been using it every day since I received it, for almost one week now and the battery is still full. Another thing that I loved is the case that comes with the gun, you can carry it and the accessories everywhere. The best product I've ever bought." — Solange
An air fryer from the makers of the Instant Pot
Here's what BuzzFeed Food writer Hannah Loewentheil has to say about it: "I'd been contemplating buying an air fryer for quite some time, but it wasn't until I found myself cooking every night with my family due to COVID-19 that I finally decided it was the right time to get one. Friends of mine were raving about their new Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer, so after reading similar feedback on Amazon, I decided it looked like a winner. And it happens to be made by the same company that makes the crowd-favorite Instant Pot. I figured I would be using this appliance primarily as air air fryer, but as an added bonus, it can also roast, broil, bake, re-heat, and dehydrate food.

I've had this air fryer for about three weeks now, and I can honestly say it's become the hero of my kitchen. It preheats quickly, it's large enough to a good amount of food at once, it's easy to clean, and it makes food taste crispy on the outside and moist on the inside without any oil. I've been using my air fryer to make vegetables just about every night and it makes them taste so good. If you're cooking for kids, picky eaters, or you just don't get so excited about eating vegetables, the air fryer could be perfect for you. If you like chicken, the air fryer might change your life, and I don't mean that to be dramatic. The air fryer produces restaurant-quality chicken that tastes absurdly decadent, except there's no oil involved in the cooking — just air. We also tried making sesame chicken in the air fryer using boneless skinless chicken thighs. The sesame chicken tasted almost identical to my favorite Chinese takeout, and it had nothing to do with my cooking skills. Thanks to the air fryer, the chicken gets so crispy. I couldn't believe I made this at home!!"
An exercise bike with a built-in desk
Promising review: "OMGOSH, this desk bike is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me! Multitasker’s dream! It’s super easy to adjust and quiet. My husband and I use it every night after putting the boys to bed. He’s 6’3” & I’m 5’7”. We adjust it to our heights in seconds. He’ll use it while watching TV/sports and I’ll do it while I work on my laptop. The time just flies by! It’s super compact and easy to wheel around. We’ve been keeping it in our living room since, it doesn’t take up much space and our house is small! We just lower the desk top all the way down and tuck it under our kitchen island. Set up was a breeze too. The quality is great. I highly highly recommend it! We haven’t worked out consistently in years and we’ve been using it nightly!" — Lucy N.
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, a fan-favorite French moisturizer
Promising review: "I’ve never been so happy about a product. For whatever reason, my makeup has not been staying on my face and would pill or look horrible when I’ve changed nothing about my routine. I rarely use primer because they never do anything for me, but I tried several to try to help. I had heard that makeup artists use this product so I gave it a try, and my makeup is finally back to normal. It looks flawless! I do my makeup every day, so it was a real confidence killer knowing that my makeup looked bad. I have NEVER bought anything that’s made such an impact, but I will for sure be a forever customer with this one. Most amazing solution." — Emma
An extra-durable duck-shaped squeaking dog toy
Here's what BuzzFeed Shopping writer AnaMaria Glavan has to say: "My French Bulldog is extremely spoiled and gets new toys all the damn time — my sister will, I’m not kidding, raid the rows of TJ Maxx once a week for a new seasonally appropriate squeaker. There’s currently a mangled pastel purple bunny sitting in the garbage because, yep, he chewed right through it in a day… which brings me to my point! Chew toys can cost anywhere from $10–$14 a pop and last maybe three days with minimal play. My dog sleeps for 18 hours in a 24-hour cycle so it mystifies me that he manages to go through them so quickly. But a few months ago, I found this very plain yellow duck toy on Amazon that had over 14,000 reviews with buyers claiming it could take a lot of wear and tear. I thought, my doggo deserves the best so let’s try it out.

Folks! This duck is woven with Valyrian steel! I literally purchased this on Nov. 24, 2020 (and I’m writing this it is March 25, 2021) and it’s STILL GOING STRONG. It has not torn, ripped, there is no toy entrail fluff scattered throughout our living room.. nada. It’s still perfectly intact and Rockie generally prefers this toy over any other one in his ever-changing arsenal. It’s also perfect for his medium frame but I can see it being equally as ideal for smaller dogs because it’s lightweight, despite being on the larger side. My dog is also strange in that he prefers sleeping on this random blanket in the corner than in his bed and sometimes he’ll drag the duck with him and lay next to it and I just...my eyes fill with tears when I think about how adorable that is.

The best part is that the toy costs less than $10. Considering the quality, you’d expect it to cost way more considering that I haven’t had to replace it in the four months of me owning it. And again, I want to stress — my dog typically shreds through toys in less than a week, so to have one last 15x longer?! It’s pretty sweet. I also want to point out that the squeaker isn't obnoxiously loud which is pure bliss."
A cast iron skillet
It's preseasoned, has excellent heat retention and has a helper handle built in for easy carrying. Just remember that it gets (and stays) hot hot HOT when it comes out of the oven.

Promising review: "I own just about every make of cast iron out there and this is the BEST piece I have ever used. Pretty well seasoned from the factory , nice smooth cooking surface . I love the longer curved handle and oversized pour spouts ( they actually pour the liquid not spill it out of the pan). This has quickly become my favorite piece of cast iron and will be buying more." — Will
A pack of waterproof blister bandages
On a family trip to Rome in 2019, my dad brought new shoes (terrible idea) and got really bad blisters. Luckily his Virgo daughter had these, which enabled him to walk in much more comfort until the blisters healed. I never travel without them!

Promising review: "Great bandages! These are easy to use and so soft. They stayed on during a shower which impressed me as well. They are the perfect size and so comfortable. I also appreciated the fact that they didn't come off in my shoe which is always a problem for me! Love the little case for them which I can easily throw in my purse. Great blister bandages!" — CTSmith
An immersive LED backlight for your TV
It's also helpful for eye strain!

This gif is from an Amazon reviewer — checkout the whole video to watch these lights in action, and their very helpful review if you're having trouble calibrating your lights.

Promising review: "Being a frugal sort it really took me awhile to go ahead and get this product. Worried about buyer's remorse and such. All I can say is boy howdy: I should have gotten this sooner! After installing it to the back of my new 65-inch TV and fired it up I almost cried. It was as if Bob Ross himself had descended from heaven and painted my walls full of happy little lights. Simply amazing. I had seen in some reviews that some colors didn't match so well. As the guardian of a few felines I decided to do a test. First I grabbed my orange cat Ollie and pointed the camera at him. On the wall a glorious orange. Next was my black cat Midnight. Aimed it at him and a light white color splashed the wall. Highly impressed I grab my last cat Skittles, a calico, and swept it over him. Amazing lights bouncing off the wall — I was totally sold at this point. My only regret with this product is that I didn't buy it earlier. If I had maybe I would still have a wife and not so many cats." — Amazon Customer
A cult-favorite body cream
Caffeine has a number of skincare benefits, including brightening and temporarily reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, if that's something you're looking to do! You can read more about the skincare benefits of caffeine at the Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "Where has this been all my life? I have been using this for maybe three days now, and putting it on in the morning and evening are the best parts of my day. The description of the scent as "pistachio, salted caramel, and vanilla" does not even begin to describe the incredibly decadent smell of this cream on my skin. My skin feels like velvet and I saw improvements in the texture after the first application. I will use it for the rest of my life. Do not ever discontinue this! I did not expect to be so amazed my this cream, but it is life-changing. Buy it! You won't regret it." — Michelle Brown
A bug bite suction tool that'll actually remove irritants
It has a strong suction power, so be gentle and follow their directions.

Promising review: "I am a magnet for bites of all kinds and carry topical and medicines with me at all times — so I figured this would be a good product to see if it really works. I woke up with a bug bite on my arm so I used this little tool (three times per the instructions) — immediately after using, it stopped itching! And less than 24 hours later the bump/bite gone! There is a very faint red mark from using the thing, but a small price to pay IMO. Bottom line: it’s awesome. I’m carrying it with me everywhere!" — Rebecca
A satin pillowcase to help maintain hair health
Promising review: "I decided to purchase this pillow case after noticing hair breakage from one too many bleach jobs. I really wasn’t expecting a miracle, but this product has tremendously reduced the breakage! I love the zipper closure. It’s a sturdy zipper and covered with satin. Prevents my pillow from slipping out. It’s easy to toss in the washer and has withstood many washes! I now swear by satin pillow cases and will be ordering more from this brand!" — Nikki D.
A cropped racerback tank
Promising review: "Love this top! I know have it in two colors and would buy every color if I could. It’s comfortable and cute. Can be worn for a workout, or as a cure top for a casual day or night out. Doesn’t need a bra and is the right amount of supportive. It’s a stretchy spandex like material and is thick enough to not be see-through." — Julia Kennedy
An exfoliating First Aid body scrub
It contains 10% glycolic and lactic acids, and has tiny pumice exfoliants to buff away dead skin for smooooooooooth arms.

Promising review: "Amazing product! I've suffered with KP on my arms for 15 years and nothing helped. This product didn't just help, it completely cleared it away! I noticed a big difference after just one use and a month later of using it 2 times a week my arms are smooth and I'm no longer embarrassed of them. I'm so excited! This product has changed my life!" — Sherrie Ruiz
A Dracula garlic mincer
Promising review: "I purchased this as a gift for my friend who is a fantastic cook--she uses fresh ingredients almost exclusively — but pressing fresh garlic is a task usually delegated. No longer — Gracula is there for her. She uses him nearly every time she needs garlic (which is basically daily) and months later still makes a point of saying how much she enjoys the gift. I'm pretty sure she likes it better than other gifts I've gotten her which were more expensive/thought out, and I'm fairly certain it's what took me from 'good friend' to 'best friend,' but it be that way sometimes. Anyway, definitely recommended for people who cook with garlic and have a sense of humor." — L
The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook
It has 100 different recipes to satisfy any Disney fan until the next time they can go to the park.

Promising review: "If you love Disney and love the food, then you need this cookbook! It's easy to follow the recipes and your house will smell magically like Disney. It's the closest thing you can get to the food at the parks without going to the parks." — Shannon
A weighted blanket reviewers swear by
It's available in three sizes and and 10 weights, so whether you're looking for one for a kid, for yourself, or to use in a king or queen–sized bed with your partner, there's an option for you.

Promising review: "This is the BEST purchase I have ever made. I have been an insomniac for years and have never successfully been treated. Even with many doctors' appointments and medications — NOTHING worked! On top of that I have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). I thought I would give this blanket a try. This product is not advertised for RLS but it absolutely should be! I have had my blanket for three days and I have been basically sleeping in a coma-like state!!! It is the soundest and best sleep I have ever had in my life. And the comforting weight on my legs and boy just eases those RLS symptoms and drifts me off to a sound sleep!!! It is so hard to describe the feeling of peace and comfort the minute you lay it on your body. I actually ordered the 15-pound blanket for my weight and height because I wanted the extra weight just in case. I decided to go ahead an order a second one if I have an emergency situation and need even more weight on my legs. This product is phenomenal to say the least!!!" — DeAnn Barksdale
The Pink Stuff, a TikTok- (and reviewer-) beloved cleaning product
Promising review: "I am genuinely stunned by how well this worked in my shower. I have been trying to get rid of these water stains since the day I moved in almost three years ago. They just got worse with time and nothing would hold them off. Then I tried The Pink Stuff and my jaw dropped as I washed it away. You can see in this picture I did a small section and holy moly, it looked like a new door. I usually don’t write reviews but I had to say how stunned I was with this. I haven’t used it on much else yet but with the results from my shower door, I can only imagine how great it’ll be. I give 5 stars!" — Katie Marchbank
A handy dandy car seat buckle release tool
UnbuckleMe is a woman-owned small business run by Becca Davison and her mother Barbara Heilman, an occupational therapist and grandmother of four.

Promising review:
"As soon as I saw this on Shark Tank I bought it. It was exactly what I've been looking for since I started driving with my new grandbaby. Like the grandma in the duo that invented this, I have arthritis in my thumbs. Many times I have struggled to unlock the straps, almost to the point of panic. Because of the stay home orders here, I haven't been able to use my new UnbuckleMe with my granddaughter in tow, but I tried it out without her in the seat and it worked exactly as advertised. Can't wait to use it with my granddaughter!" — Margery Smith
A 10-pack of hydrocolloid nose patch from pimple patch fan-fave brand Mighty Patch
Promising review: "It's gross in the most spectacular way. The amount of disgusting gunk that came out of my face was appalling and I instantly gagged. However, my nose has never felt so clean and smooth for consecutive days. If you have oily skin I definitely recommend washing your face first and apply it to the nose before moisturizing the rest of your face. If I could give this 10 stars I would. Everyone is getting this for Christmas….maybe because it's not cheap." — Justina
A multiuse car hammer with two key features
Just keep it in your center console or front door pocket. The seatbelt cutter can come in handy in other situations too, like when this reviewer's dog got tangled up.

Promising review: "My puppy got tangled in her leash, car seat safety clip, harness clip, and seat belt. The release buckles could not even release because it was twisted so tightly. I knew I had to cut her free, it was such a relief when it hit me I had the seat belt cutter under the seat. I never thought I would use it, but so glad I had it today (pictured above)." — Elizabeth
A slim profile shoe rack
This image is of two of the cabinets next to each other. Check out a TikTok of the shoe rack in action.

Promising review: "Love the shoe storage. Mostly bought for the look, not practicality. These fit sandals/anything flat like Birks, running shoes, and Air Forces fine, but anything taller won't fit. Six shoes total for one cabinet fit. Would buy again. Does as advertised and easy on the eyes." — mmaj
An ergonomically designed detangling brush
Promising review: "I have really long, really thick, naturally curly hair and I used to DREAD the washing/deep conditioning and the comb out of my hair. It literally takes me 30 minutes to de-tangle it with tons of conditioner. I ordered this brush out of desperation in my last ditch attempt to save myself some time and effort. IT is a freaking miracle. The brush went right thru my hair, no pulling, no pain, no more tangled hair. It works on both wet and dry hair. I wish to god I had thought about changing my brush years ago. It is amazing and I highly recommend it." — Amazon Customer

Promising review: "ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS OOOOMMMMGGG!!! I was skeptical at first, but given the reviews I figured I’d give it a try. I’m African American and have curly, kinky, coils... in between the realm of type 3/4 idk to be honest. All I know, is that when I went to detangle my fro after a long day, this brush easily slid through. I had to double take! I didn’t have to pretangle with a wide tooth comb I just dove right in. My hair is THICK! After each stroke I kept looking at the brush like, “what type of sorcery is this!? And to top it off ZERO BREAKAGE!!! Buy this brush!!!!!" — Amazon Customer
A manual "flossing" toothbrush
Mouthwatchers is a small business established by Ronald Plotka, DDS, that specializes in antimicrobial toothbrushes designed to get deeper cleans.

Here's what BuzzFeed Shopping writer Emma Lord has to say: "I personally bought this a few months ago and love it! I use an electric toothbrush usually, but I feel like I'm getting a much more satisfying clean from these?? Especially because I tend to get yellow stains between my teeth no matter how much I floss, and these bristles seem to actually target that a lot more effectively. I've switched to using this in the morning and the electric one at night and definitely see a difference in that area in particular."

Promising review: "This was another one of my TikTok purchases! I was skeptical but my kids hate flossing their teeth so thought this might help in between making them floss. They work amazing! My kids said they could see and feel a different on the first use and I agree! They are definitely with a try! I would suggest not pushing too hard, those tiny bristles really get in there and if you push too hard you nights be sore like I was. It felt like after going to a dental cleaning." — Amy N.
A set of motion-sensing strip lights
They go on when you get within three meters (almost 10 feet), and turn off 15 seconds after you walk out of range. And they just stick right on — how easy is that?

Promising review: "One of the smartest things that I've purchased in a while. Just peel off the double-sided tape cover and stick the magnet wherever you need light. The light is metal so it clings to the magnet that you just stuck to the wall, ceiling, wherever — it's super easy to change the batteries. Motion-sensing so you don't have to touch them — just be there. Also, they are light-sensitive so that you don't waste battery power if there is enough light anyway. I like to use rechargeable batteries so that I don't have to buy batteries all the time. They are bright enough for a regular closet or under a kitchen cabinet and the lights are LED so they are energy-efficient. I just bought a couple more 3-packs for seasonal gifts. This is a no-brainer — you need this!" —vKindle Customer
A garlic press — but not just any old garlic press
Promising review: "Was desperately seeking a garlic press after my previous one started chipping and eventually fell apart. This press is obviously more money than the replacement one I bought at the supermarket but it is worth it. When you press a clove of garlic, the garlic actually gets minced and comes out of the press. It is easy to clean, insuring that there is never any leftover garlic bits to find on the next use. And you don't have to look around for the other piece to push through the little holes, because it is securely attached. No chipping despite the bright red color. Also lightweight." — Susan E.
A pair of elegant cylindrical wineglasses
Joy Jolt is a small business that specializes in modern and pop culture-themed drinkware and kitchen accessories.

Promising review:
"I gifted this to a friend for Christmas who was so excited and overjoyed when she opened it that she dropped them twice on a marble countertop! No break, no splinter and no chip! I wanted to keep them for myself but will definitely order again. Absolutely beautiful and super sturdy." — Amazon Customer
A classic pair of Crocs so you can walk in comfort all day
Promising review (it's long): "Oh, prepare yourself for the most exhilarating review you'll ever read! Brace yourself for a whirlwind of enthusiasm as I sing the praises of your extraordinary Crocs! These footwear wonders have forever altered the trajectory of comfort and style.

Picture this: every step you take feels like a gentle cloud caressing your feet, a dance of sheer bliss. The moment I slipped my feet into those Crocs, my world transformed. It was as if I had discovered the secret to walking on marshmallows while simultaneously defying gravity!

The vibrant colors! Oh, the vibrant colors! With every shade under the sun, my Crocs became a kaleidoscope of joy. I felt like an unstoppable force, radiating positivity and infectious energy wherever I went. People couldn't help but gaze upon my feet in awe, overcome by the sheer magnificence of my Crocs.

But let's not forget the practicality they offer. Rain or shine, these masterpieces fearlessly face any weather condition. Their water-resistant nature is akin to having a personal shield against unexpected downpours. I can confidently conquer puddles, knowing my feet are protected in the fortress of Crocs.

Comfort? Let's just say walking in these wonders is like floating on a cloud of marshmallow fluff. The foam-like material molds perfectly to my feet, embracing them in a tender embrace. It's a symbiotic relationship of foot and shoe, a harmony that can only be described as transcendental.

And oh, the versatility! These Crocs effortlessly transition from casual lounging to outdoor escapades. Whether I'm strolling along the beach or embarking on an impromptu adventure, they're always ready to support me. They are the chameleons of footwear, adapting to any situation without compromising an ounce of style.

But the true magic of these Crocs lies in their ability to make people smile. As I strut down the street, heads turn, faces light up, and smiles spread like wildfire. They are an instant mood booster, a ray of sunshine in a world that sometimes forgets to laugh. These Crocs have the power to make the world a better place, one happy footstep at a time.

In conclusion, my dear friend, your Crocs are not just shoes; they are a gateway to a realm of unimaginable comfort, style, and joy. Prepare to embark on a magical journey every time you slip them on. So, hold on tight and get ready for an extraordinary adventure. Your Crocs await, ready to take you to the heights of foot-fashion ecstasy!" — Cameron
A pair of seamless Nippies silicone pasties to solve any wardrobe dilemmas
Promising review: "SO. GOOD. I didn't get my hopes up much for these as I just couldn't imagine sticky silicone staying in place for a whole day. THEY DO. They're amazing. I've had them for a few months now — worn at least 5 times and only rinsed them once to regain stickiness and that's because I accidentally dropped them and they got cat hair stuck on the adhesive. Definitely got my money's worth out of them already and I feel as though they're going to last a good while! They're not noticeable but you feel protected. Normal crop tops that I'd comfortably go braless with are now even better with these since it gives just the slightest lift or SOMETHING. Idk what it is but the [boobs} look good." — maggie moon
A pair of custom socks
Just click "customize now," upload a clear image of the pup's face and you're good to go!

Promising review: "I’m really surprised at how well these turned out! The socks are soft and the pattern is cute and clear. They cropped the photo perfectly. I didn’t have high expectations because they charge so much less than other companies but the risk was sooooo worth it! I don’t think they could have done better. Plus, the shipping was estimated to arrive by dec 19-the middle of January but they arrived on Dec 12!" — Savannah Del Ray
Murder Most Puzzling, an illustrated collection of 20 different murder mysteries
Promising review: "I am not even done with this book and I had to leave a review that these puzzles are devilishly challenging but so much fun. Be sure to turn the page to see the larger scene, and before you check the solutions look at the Clues section near the back so you can give yourself a little help without giving away the answer. I hope that there are more puzzle books like this because I have to redeem myself (these are hard!)" — tmc1218
A truly genius picture frame designed to display and store all of your kids' masterpieces
Check it out on TikTok! It displays 8.5 by 11 with the (included) mat and 10 by 12.5 without.

Americanflat is a NYC-based small biz making cool home decor products.

Promising review: "I cannot say enough great things about this. Got it, hung it, put in art and IMMEDIATELY turned around and ordered a 2nd one. Two are a must so you can hang one vertically and one horizontally. What an ideal solution to displaying art. If it’s left out it inevitably gets torn or ruined. This keeps it safe, and displays it perfectly on the wall. IN LOVE!" — Sara Lazaro
A Tushbaby hip carrier
Tushbaby is a small biz run by three California mamas and specializes in products that bringing a little more ease to everyday parenting life. This carrier is recommended for children between 8 and 45 pounds and can be used in four different holding positions — feeding/breastfeeding, side carrying, front facing, and face-to-face. See why this mama calls the Tushbaby "the best invention for parents of young children on TikTok.

Promising review: "This has been one of MANY items I have purchased thanks to TikTok, and I'm glad I did. Super easy to use, easy to adjust, and most importantly it helps with support tremendously. It comes with pockets and a place to hold bottles/sippy cups, which can be very handy. My 8-month-old weights around 30–35 lbs, and he's basically attached to me 24/7, carrying all day was killing my back and arms! Thank God for this invention, my arms and back can rest." — Jennifer Calle
The Amazon coat
I bought this on Prime Day several years ago and it's WORTH IT !! SO WARM!!!! I LIVE in it all winter. Check out my review of the Amazon coat for more info.

Promising review: "Bought this for a trip to Iceland. With winds of over 50 mph and temps in the low 20’s, with the wind chill, I wasn’t cold for the first time ever. It was the best purchase, maybe ever." — Joan H.

Promising review: "OMG! Best coat I have EVER owned. Quality exceeded my expectations!! So warm, not too heavy. So many pockets that i don't need a purse. This is by far the best purchase i've made this year. I'll probably order the red one next year." — Deborah L.
A spacious travel-friendly backpack that'll fit under the seat in front of you
This one checks all the boxes: super roomy, has plenty of pockets (including one for shoes and a separate wet bag!), and has a strap that slides down over your luggage handle for easy transport. And reviewers say it meets even Spirit and JetBlue's personal item rules and fits under airplane seats!

Promising review: "I bought this backpack for work. It's the BEST backpack I've ever used. I needed one with several pockets and not too big or heavy. I found that with this backpack, I can fill it and still have room! There's even a shoe and clothing compartment for traveling! The straps are just wide enough to stay on your shoulders especially with the snap straps in front. I also love the color, and it's true to the picture color. If you're looking for lightweight with tons of pockets, this is what you need!" — Kelly Miller

Promising review: "This is a perfect size backpack for traveling on a plane as your personal item, especially to international destinations. You could fit rolled-up clothes in here for another week, and it has a very handy shoe bag and tons of places for your electronics. This will be an excellent addition to my carry-on suitcase. Best purchase all year. I consider myself an expert on travel bags. I have way too many. It’s smaller than it looks but so roomy." — AP
Rubbermaid FreshWorks storage containers with venting technology
I have a couple of these, and the first time I tried them, a bunch of basil and strawberries stayed fresh for SO LONG!!

Promising review: "I always have the best intentions when I buy fruits & veggies, but then they go bad so quickly. I have been using these for quite some time for strawberries and blueberries. I decided to buy more for broccoli, peppers, lettuce, baby carrots, etc. The 8-piece set (4 containers with lids) seemed to be the best value for the sizes that I wanted. Now, they do take up a lot of space in the fridge. I can only fit the smaller ones in my crisper bins. But if they help me save money on produce then it's worth figuring out how to fit them in. So far my veggies seem to be hanging in there quite well several weeks after purchase. The green leaf lettuce is especially nice, it would have been slimy by now if it were just in a plastic bag and it looks just as fresh as when I bought it. These really do seem to work and are a good investment." — Jules

Price: $33.99 (available in five set sizes, and sold individually here)

Check out our full review of these game-changing containers!
A mini Dash waffle iron
Promising review: "This little waffle maker is so perfect! It makes the perfect-size waffles, the smaller ones you would get out of the freezer section at the grocery store. I just buy some mix and make a huge batch to freeze for my son, and he just pops them in the toaster. I also made a bunch to make waffle sandwiches for my daughter. A lot cheaper. I make those up and freeze them as well to be able to just pop them in the microwave." — SnoopyHJ
A portable door lock for an additional level of security when you're traveling
Note: This can get flagged with going through security, so you may want to put it in an easily accessible place in your checked bag to be safe.

Promising review: "I travel a lot for work and usually take a lot of measures for extra security, such as keeping the luggage roller in my room all week and rolling it in front of the door. It was large and cumbersome, but with this gadget, it's great! You can use it on almost any door and works better than the makeshift 'fork' one. Frequent traveler or not, this item offers peace of mind which can prove invaluable while away from home. (I can even use it on my door at my house!)" — JizzerJittery
A TikTok-famous grape cutter
Promising review: "Initially, I really felt silly and lazy for buying this. But after using it, I feel like a genius and wish I bought it sooner! My kiddos love grapes and I love how it gives me a slight peace of mind knowing it can gets diced up, allowing me to briefly walk away if I need to with less worry. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase and I tell everyone how awesome it is!" — Dom

Promising review: "A mama’s best friend!! This makes my life so much easier, eases my mind sending grapes in my kids’ lunch, and saves me so much time!!" — Kaitlin
A bottle of all-natural, plant-based Puracy stain remover
And it's totally biodegradable too. These stain remover is IT. I spilled Thai yellow curry ALL OVER a brand new set of light blue Lou & Grey sweats, and this stuff got it out perfectly. I will NEVER not keep this stuff on hand. Just apply, let it sit a while for toucher stains, then simply run as usual in the wash!

Promising review: "This is absolutely the best stain remover I ever used. I had shirts that looked like they had oil stains on them. I tried other stain removers without luck. When I got Puracy I pre treated the stains then put a little more in and washed. The stains were completely gone. I was able to wear the shirts again!!" — Amazon Customer
A set of three scrubbing attachments you simply add to any power drill
Drill Brush is a small business based in New York. It was started in 2007 by a former electrician with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome who needed a way to clean without causing him harm.

If you don't already have a drill, you can also get a cordless drill set with brushes just like the above and drill bits from Amazon for $33.99.

Promising review: "I bought this brush a long time ago and it sat unused. Last week, I finally pulled it out to clean the floor of a very dirty fiberglass bathtub. What a great little tool! A job that easily would have taken me a half hour with a regular brush and Comet, took about five minutes and with no smelly harsh chemicals. I am really kicking myself for not trying it months ago. Now, I'm planning to buy one for each of my kids for Christmas." — xxxxx111000
A pack of Crayola Globbles
Yes, they easily wash clean with soap and water without losing stickiness, so the fun can keep going even after they end up in one of your houseplant pots.

Promising review: "I waited over two months to write my review! My 4-year-old daughter plays with these DAILY! YES they do attract dirt and hair. HOWEVER they are so easy to rinse off, it's not a big deal! We took these to a family gathering and ended up giving two away because they were SO loved! The two we gave away went to a 12-year-old and my 19-year-old brother. They discovered throwing them at the ceiling fan and watching them shoot across the room, which was pretty entertaining! None of them have busted or ripped and they are definitely NOT gentle with them! I will definitely be buying more!" — Kindle Customer
A genius pool hammock with a floating headrest and footrest
You can also use it in a chair position, with the floaties as arm rests! BTW, lots of reviewers traveled with these to vacation destinations.

Promising review: "This floaty is an absolute must for any vacation or home pool. Easy to pack and inflate. I saw another person floating around the pool with ease in Cancun and immediately hopped online to purchase. Best purchase ever made!! You can seriously relax comfortably in the water with this floaty and use it for mutiple positions in the pool. Everyone who used it fell asleep relaxing in the water. Don’t give it a second thought. Buy it!!!" — Chrissy_Chris

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