Best Products to Splurge On

Best Products to Splurge On
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In the words of Tom Haverford, “treat yo-self”. You deserve it. We deserve it. So go for it—it’s okay every now and again. We promise.

Nevo Can’t quite get yourself completely sold on Apple Watches? We get the feeling, we love our classic timepieces as well. But Nevo Watch offers a solution, the world’s first hybrid analog-smartwatch. By keeping all of the cornerstones of the classic analog watch with the infusion of tech, features like notifications, activity tracking and alarms are only enhanced. You’d never guess that this watch was smart, think of it like a spy watch meets modern minimalism. And put that on your wrist. We love it.

Libratone Zipp Truly the best sound quality speakers to date with an affordable price tag, the Libratone Zipp offers multi-room Bluetooth speakers that have huge sound, perfect booming bass, and clear crisp audio. It makes listening to music a necessity just due to how easy it is to connect. With interchangeable covers, personalization has never been seen at this level for speakers. Our favorite part? Try changing the volume—it’s so much fun.

Skybuds Wireless earbuds that charge on the go are a must for any busy travelers. We loved Skybuds because of their SkyDock, that lets you keep your earbuds charged at all times, so you are never without music. They were engineered for comfort and that’s something you can feel instantly.

Edifier For bookshelf speakers that will elevate the room, both in aesthetic and sound, look no further than Edifier’s. Their Bluetooth multi-function speakers are perfect for gaming, streaming videos, or just listening to tunes. With great sound quality and spot-on design, you can’t go wrong with any pair of Edifier’s.

Juno Power Juno brings to you premium, portable power that can jump a car in 60 seconds, all in the sleek and small shape of any other portable battery charger. At just 7oz, this device can easily be thrown in your cars for emergency or in your bag for roadtrips. It can also juice up your tablets and smartphones and serve as a flashlight. Juno runs at 12V and a peak of 300Amps that is sufficient power to get you back on the road, minus any heavy equipment or triple AAA calls.

Armana LED Shelf If you’re in the market to give your home bar a one-up, Armana LED shelves are the way to go. Light your bottles up in style with a wireless remote that will immediately make your bar seem like the real deal. The LED’s Armana uses have up to 50,000 hours of usage before you have to change them out—meaning you’ll have the light of the party for years to come. Display your bottles so they don’t have to hide in a dusty cabinet, they’re worth more than that.

Wusthof Classic Knife Set Knives by Wusthof are unbeatable with the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each one. The shape has been perfected for comfortable grip and designed to resist discoloration and fading. These knives slid smoothly into whatever we were cutting, without tearing or extra effort needed to slice and dice.

Fissler Alongside knife-sets, why not upgrade your cookware set. If you’re anything like us, you have a mismatched set of pots and pans with birthdates ranging in the past 5-10 year range. Fissler’s Original Pro Collection Pot Set is the perfect kitchen addition for all of your cooking needs. Professional quality cookware ensures thorough and even cooking with easily grasped handles so nothing in your kitchen is wasted.

Stack-On For any gun-aficionados, there is Stack-On. A premium gun cabinet that can store any tactical weapons with an adjustable interior. Carrying up to 14 standard rifles or shotguns, this cabinet is a beast to say the least. With a 3-point locking system in place, there is also a double-pitted key coded cylinder lock for extra security. Keep your weapons close, and the enemies and curious hands, away.

Auris bluME Audiophiles, check this out. bluMe by Auris brings you Hi-Fi Bluetooth sound allowing you to sync with your sound systems flawlessly, without any audio drop-outs or delays. Able to be synced and attached to any existing Hi-Fi audio system, Auris lets your systems to their jobs and do their jobs perfectly by maxing out on sound quality and clarity. Bluetooth receivers never got this easy, or this amazing.

LaMetric Time LaMetric is a smart alarm clock whose functions aren’t restricted to just bedside. With the ability to tell you the weather, track your social followers, book a meeting, and more—LaMetric has got it down. Powered by IFTTT, LaMetric’s visualization is spot-on with bright colors telling you the information you need to know. In the business of keeping you informed and in control of your online life, all in one beautiful, kick-ass display.

SunnyBag For adventurers who never seem to be in places with outlets, SunnyBag is there to save the day. Using solar power to charge up your devices, it essentially transforms bags into magical pouches—dead device in, recharged device out. With easy attachments and lightweight, flexible design, SunnyBag and its solar panel are perfect for anyone out in the sun.

360fly When the world come at you, capture it all in 360 degrees of awesome. With 360fly, you can literally capture the world, all from one tiny yet powerful camera. Capturing in 360 degrees and first-person POV, this is the camera upgrade that will bring you into the modern day. It’s great for the adventurers and the risk-takers, but also a great tool to capture memories beach-side or at a sport game. Capture your life and share it just as easily with friends and family, and those you simply want to make green with envy. We had such a fun time recording our dog with the 360fly and viewing it all in VR. Perfectly crafted and designed for any user.

abode abode is a home automation genius that let’s you control your house with the flick of a finger. By connecting your home security systems with your smarthome devices, abode gives you an all-in-one control box that ensure your home works the way you want, when you want. The starter kit includes everything you need to get your boring, old traditional home up and running to smarthome standards, including a motion sensing camera, door sensors, a keyfob, and more. Keeping you in the know about the security of your home is a major necessity, and abode brings it all to the table.

Myo The gesture control armband seems something of the future, except it isn’t. It is available today. With the ability to have the coolest, high-tech presentations or even drone flying experiences, the possibilities are endless with Myo. By connecting your armband to your tech devices, you are able to physically gesture to control your device. Fast-forward by moving your fingers or zoom in by making a fist. This technology is impactful and truly incredible. There is nothing out there that is quite like this.

Uvi Cube The ultimate sterilization hub, the Uvi Cube is perfect for sterilizing baby bottles—but it’s more than that. Sterilize the dirtiest things you can get your hands on in your house and in minutes, it’ll be as good as new. Using UV sanitization light, Uvi Cube will eliminate up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria that will keep you and your family safe. Easy to use and easy to maintain, the Uvi Cube is the best way to get a clean, healthy house.

EO2 One of our favorite products of all time, the Electric Objects EO2 is the way 2017 is introducing art into homes. With an electronic display, gallery quality artwork is only a few clicks away. With a collection of art from the far reaches of the globe, your home is sure to be looking flawless as ever, all the time. It’s the easy solution to boring artwork that gets old after a few years. If EO2 is any indication of the direction of technology, I’m excited.

Baking Steel For the best pizza crust that is just the right amount of bite and just the right amount of crisp, Baking Steel will get you there. Virtually indestructible, Baking Steel is the perfect pan to cook your pizzas in with its pre-seasoned, proprietary oil that makes your pizza feel like it came out of a rustic, Italian pizza oven.

Ultraloq by Utec This door handle makes your life easier and more secure with a fingerprint and touchscreen lock for your door. With the keyless system, you have control on who enters and exits your home. Identifying fingerprints in less than 0.5 seconds. Ultraloq keeps track of the users to keep your valuables and family protected.

MedCline For anyone suffering from acid reflux, MedCline is looking to have your back, literally. With their medically designed, natural solution to nighttime acid reflux and GERD, this proven solution has kept users healthy and happy. By creating a pillow with the most optimal sleeping position in mind for those with acid reflux, MedCline makes the reflux virtually impossible to occur. A combination of the pillow wedge and body pillow lets users feel comfortable and reflux-free for sleep that will be better than ever.

Genius Pack Genius Pack is a truly ingenious way to travel easily. Crafted with 100% leather, the Genius Pack holds a small charger to charge your devices directly from your bag. No need to awkwardly pull out chargers and find an outlet during meetings when you can surreptitiously slide your phone in your bag and take it out just a little later, completely charged. We loved how beautiful these bags truly look, and the functional aspect only makes it better.

Bamboo Tranquility Bamboo sheets are the greatest invention of all time, and we mean it. Comfort to the max with the twice as soft as cotton threads make these sheets a keeper. With bamboo’s natural antibacterial properties, your sheets can stay fresh, longer. Imagine the cool side of the pillow, but for your entire body. That’s what Bamboo Tranquility flawlessly does so well.

EKA Knives If you’re in the market for beautiful, and I mean truly beautiful knives, look to EKA. Knives manufactured in Sweden, these ones hit the mark both in design, feel and function. With a handle sculptured to fit your hand perfectly and a razor-sharp blade made of Swedish Sandvik steel, these guys will stay in your kitchen for years and years to come without fail.

Parachute For the perfect down comforter that will keep you warm, but not too warm, Parachute’s Down Duvet with 750 Fill Power is the choice to make. Lightweight and all season, this duvet is soft and durable, meaning there are plenty of amazing sleep to be had.

Odorless Odorless eliminates bathroom odor and simultaneously filters out 99% of harmful bacteria all in one go. By capturing the odor particles directly from the toilet bowl, Odorless saves you from a nasty smell after a certain nasty business. Now you can avoid those “uh-oh” moments in bathrooms without shame, and hold your head up high without pinching your nose every time you leave the restroom.

Caliper Timepieces Inspired by the technical instruments of the mid 20th century, Caliper Timepieces has created the VIEW, an automatic watch with a transparent face that lets you see and watch all of the interworkings of an amazing wristwatch. With sapphire glass that is scratch resistant, you and everyone you know will be pawing over the beauty of this masterpiece on a wrist.

Anicorn Black and Yellow Another automatic watch that caught our eye is Anicorn’s Black and Yellow Watch. With a gorgeous, minimalist display, you’re bound to get a handful of compliments on this beautiful piece daily. We sure did. Featuring a concentric disc system instead of time-telling hands, this watch requires no battery and ticks with automatic Japanese movement. Water resistant up to 50m and made of sapphire glass, this watch is one for the wrist, your wrist.

BedJet The ultimate way to control your bed temperature without pestering your significant other, BedJet brings climate control to your bed. With your own personal bed thermostat, you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer in the temperature conditions you love the best. By far the #1 climate control systems for the bedroom, BedJet is bringing innovation to the place we hold near and dear.

Whoop Strap Work out efficiently with the Whoop Strap. This one of the kind wearable helps you work out and live better. Detecting strain, recovery, and sleep, the Whoop Strap is a FitBit on steroids. Easily connecting and syncing with your iPhone (and Android coming soon), the Whoop Strap is perfect for athletes and fitness buffs looking to learn more and analyze their body and performance.

SleepPhones Side sleepers out there, take note. SleepPhones is the perfect product for you when you’re trying to listen to your tunes in bed. With a comfortable strap, SleepPhones removes the bulk and pain of earbuds and replaces it with a soft, luxurious headband that lets you quietly listen to music, hear an audiobook, or watch a show while in bed.

Sheex For amazingly soft, sweat-wicking sheets, these performance sheets are 50% more breathable than regular cotton and makes your sleeps full of silky, luxurious clouds. Sheex are easy to clean and have a variety of colors that will surely match your bedroom and help get you to the perfect night sleep.

HardCore Hammers I think I speak for everyone when I say that boys are always looking for an excuse to get a brand new shiny tool. The Zombie Apocalypse 2.0 is their tribute to that excuse—in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, do use. For all uses of a normal axe, this one also is perfect for slaying zombies, which we think is utterly important.

TomTom Bandit Action Camera While most of TomTom’s fame comes from their notable GPS navigation systems, we loved TomTom for another one of their products, their Bandit Action Camera. As cool as the name sounds, this camera is your ultimate adventure buddy. Waterproof up to 40m and with built-in motion sensors to capture your every move in 4K Ultra HD resolution, this TomTom will help you show off all of your great times to everyone you know. How you might ask? TomTom’s free companion app will help you edit in minutes, without any technical jargon.

Brondell Swash Bring the luxury of 5 star hotel bidets to your own home with Brondell’s Swash system. A remote controlled washing system lets you clean your unmentionables and do your business in extravagance. We loved the advanced features of the Swash system that packs everything from a massage wash to a warm air dryer for your rear. This is a toilet that will make your bathroom trips unregrettably long and worth it.

StandDesk A desk that is a gamechanger to the industry, the StandDesk has brought desks to a whole new level, literally. With desks that electronically elevate to your optimal level, you can both stand and sit by changing the height of the desk in an instant. Simply tapping a button will make the desk seamlessly rise and lower without knocking anything over and without any physical exertion. Build and customize your desk to fit all of your needs.

Lightbox A lamp. A seat. A table. Room decor. The Lightbox by Gus is a versatile piece of furniture that adds an element of modernism to every room it’s in. With the ability to withstand over 150lbs and emanating a bright, white light that will make the whole room glow, this nifty thing is great for elevating small spaces into beautifully designed rooms.

Leesa For ultimate comfort in bed, look to Leesa. Leesa provided us with a mattress to test out and we all agree, this mattress is truly amazing. With three layers of memory foam to contour to our every curvature, this Leesa mattress made us want to stay in bed for the entire day. We almost did. Just the right amount of bounce and a phenomenal amount of cushion, if there is a formula for perfect mattresses, Leesa has certainly found it.

NAU NAU has a product in their line called the Huascaran Alpaca Hoody that is literally made out of sustainably sourced alpaca wool with hypoallergenic fibers that will wick sweat, fast. We love the versatility of this hoodie as it transforms from casual day to night wear, like that. Elevate your collection with NAU, and you won’t be disappointed.

Floatti With the mission of being the world’s first super-suitcase, Floatti surely fits the bill combining the features of a variety of smart luggage, and combining them into one super-cool bag. Floatti’s top signature feature is its handback docking system that allows you to stow everything you never feel like holding when you’re running across the terminals. A unique wheel-suspension system absorbs shocks and vibrations through uneven pavement that would otherwise hold you back. The smart handle lets you control your phone by receiving notifications, dialing contacts, even changing songs. Other features include a portable battery and security tracking systems that keep your belongings safe and sound. Truly a top of the line carry-on that brings both style and functionality to your travels.

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