The 15 Best Puzzles On Amazon Under $15

You'll definitely want a piece of this: here are the best puzzles on Amazon, from family-friendly ones to others with thousands of pieces.

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Some puzzles are a piece of cakes. Others, not so much. 
Some puzzles are a piece of cakes. Others, not so much. 

When you’re staying in for a day or for the whole weekend, you might just get tired of just binging TV. There are only so many episodes in a season, after all.

After a long day or week in your home office, you probably want to stay away from another screen, anyway. You might be looking for some easy entertainment that you won’t have to get out of your pajamas for.

There’s nothing like a puzzling puzzle to keep you — and bored kids— busy for hours. While some puzzles might not take too long to finish, others might keep you stumped for a couple of days. Those 1,000-piece puzzles aren’t easy.

Luckily, you can keep all the pieces to yourself or have a family game night in. There’s a puzzle out there for anyone, from ones that are practically impossible to others that might take the little one in your life a little time to figure out.

Even if you’re a puzzler at heart who doesn’t have the table space to keep one out all the time, there are hacks for that, too. Look for “mini puzzles” or consider a puzzle mat that you build your puzzle on, but roll it up and out of the way when you’re done for the evening. It’s sure to keep the puzzle’s shape when you unroll it the next time you’re ready to play.

And, since we can’t resist a puzzle ourselves, we found the 15 best ones on Amazon that are under $15. Now, you just have to get puzzling — just be sure not to lose any of the pieces.

Check out these 15 puzzles that are under $15:

The Best Puzzle That Doubles As An Astronomy Lesson
This is the perfect puzzle for the kid in your life who can't stop talking about stars and space. Plus, it only has 48 pieces, making it not too complicated for them to have fun figuring out. Find it for $13 at Amazon.
The Best Puzzle for "The Mandalorian" fans
If you're a fan of "The Mandalorian," chances are that you fell in love with its littlest star, too: Baby Yoda. He ~forced~ his way into our hearts and now there's even a puzzle that features him. May the force be with you. Find it for $10 at Amazon.
The Best Color Gradient Puzzle
This puzzle's a bit of a spin on the ombre puzzles you might see your friends posting about. It's got 1000 pieces so you'll definitely be taking your time with this one. Find it for $13 at Amazon.
The Best Puzzle That Might Just Roar
The elementary schooler who just learned about dinosaurs will love this puzzle, which features a prehistoric landscape, too. It has 60 pieces, so it'll take them a little longer to solve. Just don't tell them about extinction just yet. Find it for $7 at Amazon.
The Best Puzzle That Looks Like A Monet Painting
It's not an Impressionist painting exactly, but this scenic puzzle has the colors and nature setting that'll remind you of Monet. It has a 1000 pieces, do it'll take you awhile to find out where those swan pieces belong. Find it for $15 at Amazon.
The Best Puzzle That'll Teach Kids About All 50 States
If your little one is just starting to learn about geography, this puzzle can help, too. They'll be able to spot where each state is and, with pictures, know what each state is known for. Find it for $11 at Amazon.
The Best Puzzle If You Love Crocheting, Cats and Cats Crocheting
This one's for all the knitters and kittens out there. The puzzle has 750 pieces, so it might not take you as long as some of the 1,000-piece puzzles do. That way, you can go back to knitting, too. Find it for $13 at Amazon.
The Best (Round Table) Puzzle For The Whole Family
You won't have to elbow each other for a spot around this puzzle. And it works even if you don't have a round dining table. It has landmarks from all over the world in one place. Find it for $14 at Amazon.
The Best Escapist Puzzle
Take some much-needed down time at your (puzzle) cottage by the sea. With 1000 pieces, you'll be busy building that lighthouse. Find it for $10 at Amazon.
The Best Puzzle For Kids Who Are Animal Lovers
If you've got a future vet with you, this puzzle will show them all kinds of different animals, from foxes to ducks. With 200 pieces, this will take them more than just an afternoon. Find it for $13 at Amazon.
The Best Puzzle For Architecture Lovers
One door will lead to another in this puzzle, which features colorful doors and a 1,000 pieces. It's meant for kids but with so many pieces, the adults might just be able to complete it all by themselves. Find it for $13 at Amazon.
The Best Puzzle For Fans Of All Things Spooky And Scary
If Halloween's a year-round event for you, you'll want a puzzle that's filled with a little horror. And this puzzle has spook in spades, with witches, bats, pumpkins and ghosts. Just try not to lose the cauldron in those 750 pieces. Find it for $11 at Amazon.
The Best Puzzle to Relive Your Childhood
For those who loved the "Harry Potter" series, you can recreate the poster that started it all. Get your wands ready because this puzzle has 550 pieces. But you won't need magic to solve it. Find it for $12 at Amazon.
The Best 3D Puzzle
You can take this puzzle apart and put it back together. It's meant to be a mind puzzle so your brain can get a workout, too. Find it for $10 at Amazon.
The Best Puzzle For Days You Wish You Were At The Beach
Let the ocean come to you. This puzzle has all the marine life you can think of. It has 1,000 pieces and a
surface that's meant to reduce glare. Find it for $14 at Amazon.