Best Quotes Of 2012 From Post 50s

Art Linkletter was famous for getting kids to say the darndest things. And this year one kid in particular -- Honey Boo Boo -- spouted out her fair share of darndest things including this gem: "When my belly hurts, it's usually gas. Or too many chicken nuggets."

But Post 50s also were extremely outspoken in 2012, with comments made by former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during the campaign -- including the one about "binders full of women" -- topping this year's seventh annual list of the most notable quotations of the year from Fred Shapiro, associate librarian at Yale Law School.

And there were other great quotes uttered by post 50s besides Romney. Diana Vreeland had this to say about style: The first thing to do is to arrange to be born in Paris. The rest happens naturally."

And Samuel L. Jackson had this to say to cavalier President Obama supporters during the 2012 campaign: "Wake the f*** up!"

Just for fun, Huff/Post50 compiled its own list of memorable quotes from 2012. Check out our slideshow and please feel free to add your own favorites in comments.



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