The Best Razor Monthly Subscription Services Of 2020

You'll stay looking sharp with these razor subscription services that send over replacement blades every month.

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Start shaving away with these razor subscription services.
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Start shaving away with these razor subscription services.

In recent months, it seems like everyone’s been putting their hair through the wringer — through bleaching, getting bangs, touching up roots and even buzzing everything off.

Now that it’s the season of shorts and short sleeves, you might be looking for hair removal products that’ll keep you groomed until your next salon appointment.

While places like Flamingo, Oui the People and Bliss have essentials for shaving and waxing, there are sites that’ll send you recurring razors or razor blade deliveries so you remember to switch them out before they start getting grimy.

Before you start slathering on the shaving cream, however, you should be sure to swap out your razor every couple of weeks. Experts who spoke to HuffPost stressed that it’s better to make hair-removal choices right now that you can easily maintain at home. (That is, you might want to stick to shaving just the sides of your bikini line for now).

You definitely don’t want to feel the burn of razor burn. So we combed through the internet to find the best subscription services that’ll send razors every month or on a schedule that you set, including Billie, which one of our editors tried out and recommends, and Athena Club, which also carries period care products.

Be sure to check out our guide to the best subscription services for all your monthly essentials, too, including vitamins and meal kits.

Check out these subscription services that’ll send you razors every month:

Athena Club
Athena Club
Athena Club is known for having liners for lighter days, plus its own period cup, pads and tampons. But the brand also carries its own razors. You can pick to have replacement blades sent every month, four months or six months. You can add body lotion, body wash and shaving cream to your order, too.

Check out Athena Club's monthly subscription services.
Billie offers everything for your medicine cabinet, from razors and lip balm to dry shampoo and shaving cream, which was one of our editors' favorite finds in May. The brand is best known for its razors, with refill blades that can be delivered every month, two months or three months.

Check out Billie's razor subscription service.
Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club
Like the name says, Dollar Shave Club is all about shaving — but the brand also carries products like an Oil Control Face Wash and Acne Eraser. It's best known for its razor subscription service, though. You can try out the brand's starter sets and get full-size refills of your favorite products every month or up to three times a year. You can add or remove products before your box arrives as well.

Check out Dollar Shave Club's subscription service.
You've probably seen Gillette razors at Target or when out getting groceries. But you might not know that Gillette has its own subscription service, too. There are different starter kits, but you can choose your delivery schedule to get refill blades and shaving cream based on how much you shave. The refills can be delivered every month, three months or six months. Plus, your fourth refill is free.

Check out Gillette's starter kits and subscriptions.
Harry's is here to send you ongoing refills of blades and foaming shaving gel — ranging from $15 for eight blades to $35 for 16 blades and two gels. The starter set you first pick out is $13. You can choose to get your "Shave Plan Shipments" every two, three or five months.

Check out Harry's subscription service.
In a hairy situation? Razor brand joy+glee lets you pick between pastel razors, schedule your blade refills (depending on how much you shave during the week, that could be monthly, every two or three months) and add in its shaving mousse or gel for an extra fee. The starter kit starts at $10 and four refill blades are $9.

Check out joy+glee's subscription service.