Monday Matters: The Cuddliest Cat, A Moving Apology Two Decades Later And An Emotional Homecoming

Your ‘Monday Blues’ are scheduled to end right... now.

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russell the cat

If You Need Some Love
Meet Russell The Cat. After suffering bad burns in a house fire earlier this year, the friendly feline has been showing support to other injured animals with lots of cuddles as they undergo their own treatments.

If You Need A Reminder That You Haven’t Missed The Boat
Read this moving apology from a former bully to an old classmate, sent twenty years later via Facebook Messenger -- proving it’s never too late to say, “I’m sorry.”

If You Believe In Second Chances
Get inspired by Michael Moubarek. After an indoor rock climbing accident, the high school dropout had a change of heart. Now 22, Moubarek finished high school and is graduating as the class of 2015 valedictorian at the University of Maryland.

If You Need A Hero
Know that good people like Nadirah Muhammad exist. The 39-year-old gym teacher donated one of her kidneys to student A’Ja Booth, ultimately saving her life.

If You Want To Feel All The Feels
Watch this heartwarming video of a toddler running to meet her Army daddy as he returns from deployment in Kuwait.

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