Monday Matters: Adorable Baby Chimp Gets A New Mom, An Emotional Listen Through A Stethoscope, And The Most Inspiring Graduate of 2015

If your first instinct on Monday morning is to immediately hit the snooze button, pull the covers over your head and pretend the day won’t happen if you don’t let it, you’re not alone.

But here at the HuffPost Partner Studio, we’re looking to change that.

We believe that Mondays should start off on the bright side. So we've partnered with Target to bring you our favorite stories, videos and feel-good campaigns of the past week that prove seizing every day, minute and moment truly matters. #MondayMatters

Monkey Business
Here’s the heartwarming Mother’s Day story you’ve been looking for! A zoo in Baltimore, Maryland, and another in Florida are working together to find an orphaned baby chimpanzee a surrogate mom. Although Keeva, the baby chimp born at the Maryland Zoo in March, is healthy, her mother took no interest nursing or caring for her soon after birth. Keeva has been hand-reared by zoo workers in the interim, but will be introduced to her surrogate mom in the next few months.

Back To School
Proving you really are never too old to achieve new goals or dream a new dream, Rosa Salgado graduated from Miami-Dade College in Florida last weekend. Completing college is a huge accomplishment in itself, but Salgado’s experience was extra special: she received her diploma along with two of her grandchildren! At 80 years old, Salgado hopes to inspire others to see the importance of education.

Mending A Broken Heart
While not everyone believes in life after death, Sue Ellen Monaghan experienced this miracle firsthand when she heard her son’s heart beating again -- inside another man. Monaghan lost her 25-year-old son, Tim Conley, last year after a tragic accident. Yet Conley’s decision to be an organ donor saved the lives of four people after his death, including Jon Clafin, a 52-year-old man with congestive heart failure who received the younger man’s heart. Watch Monaghan and Clafin’s emotional exchange.

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