Best Resources For Expecting Parents

Congrats on your upcoming bundle (or bundles) of joy! I’m sure by now you’ve googled “Best Websites To Visit When You’re Pregnant” plenty of times, but guess what? After reading this, you’ll never have to google that again. Ready for a list of the best expectant parents websites? Well, here we go.

Lucie’s List: Lucies list LITERALLY has hundreds of lists giving us info on everything from strollers to sippy cups. This go-to parenting has a weekly email called “crib notes” that covers a ton of topics ranging from gear to parenting tips. Useful, practical and overall hilarious (I literally belly laugh at many of her emails!) you will want to make sure you are subscribed asap so you don’t miss out.

Twiniversity: Expecting twins? Look no further. With new articles posted daily that are just for you and your twin parenting life. Articles cover pregnancy through college the Twiniversity MoM(mothers of multiples)Squad will help you get off to the perfect start and support you along the way. With online and in person classes exclusively for parents of twins, you’ll see why they reach over 1 MILLION parents of twins a week.

Gugu Guru: If you haven’t registered for your baby gear yet because you’re insanely overwhelmed, drop over to the Guru! Gugu Guru that is. Take a quick lifestyle quiz, answer a few questions about yourself and BOOM, a registry list will be instantly populated for you and your partner to no longer stress over.

Pregnant Chicken: This absolute no-nonsense, real-world parenting website will make you say “I found my people!”. No matter if you are the pregnant mama who’s looking forward to a water birth surrounded by candles and Enya or a pregnant mama who wants to have an at home epidural kit to be sure you don’t feel a thing, this is judgement free website that will inspire you and give it to you straight. Pregnant Chicken never fails to put a smile on my face because I can usually recognize myself in each story.

WeeSpring: Think of it as Yelp but for parents! You’ll find thousands of trusted peer reviews on all things baby and mama. From nursing bras to dry shampoo you’ll find reviews on the top baby brands in the biz, but also discover smaller companies that you may never even know existed. I’m sure if you are like me, you’ll be referencing WeeSpring through your pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine: What? People still read actual magazines? Yup. The print magazine is visibly stunning and it’s going to make you want to up your baby budget! You’ll want everything listing in their gear round ups and their fashion spreads (for baby and mama) are to Vogue worthy. Pregnancy and Newborn also has some wonderfully informative articles covering topics that are going to help every expecting mama and papa sleep a little easier.

Well Rounded: Definitely the most modern website for expecting moms this is THE website to research topics like pregnancy skincare and prenatal exercise. Run by chic New York City moms, they never miss a beat regarding the latest trends and the hottest products of today.

YummyMummy: If you are planning on breastfeeding, you need to visit Yummy Mummy to help get you off on the right foot. Not only do they have an extraordinary online store dedicated to all things lactation, they also can help facilitate the processing of getting you a pump that’s paid for by your insurance company.

I hope that these top pregnancy resources give you some sites to visit when you can no longer sleep at 3am! All of the above sites are positive parenting sites but as real as they come. Enjoy and good luck.

By: Natalie Diaz, Founder of Twiniversity and author of the bestselling book “What To Do When You’re Having Two”.

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