What Is The Best Rom-Com Of All Time? You Tell Us.

We’re just a publication, standing in front of our readers, asking them to tell us what the best romantic comedy of all time is.
We need your help to determine the best romantic comedy of all time.
We need your help to determine the best romantic comedy of all time.

The best romantic comedies are the ones we’re willing to fight for. Welcome To HuffPost’s Rom-Com Week.

There are a lot of romantic comedies out there.

On the review aggregation site Metacritic alone, there are over 900 films that meet the site’s scoring criteria and have been characterized as both a “romance” and a “comedy.” We know because we went through them all, title by title, winnowing the website’s mammoth list to an exemplary group of 300 mostly English-language films (save for “Amélie,” which we felt merited inclusion given its well-documented box office success in the U.S.) that fit our loose definition of a rom-com: a lighthearted or comedic movie in which a romantic union between two characters constitutes the primary narrative.

These films, HuffPost reporters and editors surmised, epitomize a genre known for meet-cutes, happy endings and Hugh Grant in various hair evolutions. We settled on the catalog somewhat haphazardly; arguments were had, vicious indictments of taste were absorbed, paeans to old Hollywood love stories not inventoried on Metacritic were delivered. Loads of questions clouded our judgment: How much drama can a rom-com sustain? Does it need a happily-ever-after? How insufferable is “(500) Days of Summer,” really?

But we persevered. And all our hard work amounted to the widget below, a randomly generated head-to-head contest between rom-coms both revered and reviled by members of our newsroom.

Here’s where you come in: In order to determine the best rom-coms of all time ― according to HuffPost readers’ popular opinion, at least ― we need your vote. The more you vote, the more data we collect, and the clearer the picture of which rom-coms rule over the rest becomes. We know you’re not doing anything at the office this week anyway, so cast away. Stay tuned for the results at the end of the week.

Did we forget one of your favorite rom-coms? Well, that might be because the movie is not indexed on Metacritic. We manually added a few films to the widget, so go ahead and fight about a film’s potential inclusion in the comments section of your preferred social media platform and maybe we’ll add that title in, too. 

Oh, and if the widget isn’t appearing properly on your device, we apologize. It’s not pretty, but we’re hoping it’ll do the job.