5 Editor-Tested Armbands For The Runner On Your List

Here at Healthy Living, we appreciate all the benefits of outdoor exercise. But there's at least one drawback: Where do you stash your stuff?

With your music, your keys and, for safety's sake, some identification and just-in-case cash, you can have your hands full when all you really want to do is escape it all.

There are countless belts, packs and bands to help runners address their gear needs, but bounce, jiggle and fit are common concerns. That's why we tested out five of the most popular running armbands on the market. Here's what we thought.

Armpocket Flash
Shorter days don't mean shorter runs. The Flash makes winter runners more noticeable with six LED lights. There's also a smart little Velcro tab to keep headphone cords from tangling. The zipper pouch secures things like keys, ID and a little cash. But with all that jazz comes a significant amount of bulk.

$49.95, armpocket.com
Gear Beast Deluxe Sports Armband
This is a slim design without many bells and whistles, making it so comfortable it was easy to forget about, but too slim to use with a phone case. While we appreciate a key pocket, space for just a single key isn't realistic for New Yorkers.

$9.99, gearbeast.com
Belkin Ease-Fit Plus
The sleekest design of the bunch, the Ease-Fit is extremely flexible and malleable for a better fit. The fit is extra-snug on the iPhone 5, which cuts down on size and bulk, but there's certainly no room for a phone case. There's a smart cut-out for headphone cords, but limited space for keys or anything else.

$29.99, Belkin.com
Armpocket Racer
With space for an I.D. and a single key, this is a less bulky design from Armpocket with reflective piping instead of LED lights. There is still a good deal of cushion, which made the fit sort of hit or miss.

$24.95, armpocket.com
Gear Beast Premium Sports Armband
This model is slightly bulkier than the Deluxe version, without many other differences, save for a handy armband extender for anyone with ultra-bulging biceps. The key pocket is designed at a specific angle to really only hold a single key. But the fit was extra-comfy.

$9.99, gearbeast.com

Tune Belt, iLuv, Sporteer and InCase did not respond to sample requests to be included in this review.