Best Santa Picture? Little Girl Shows Middle Finger To Camera (PHOTO)

Best Santa Picture EVER?

best santa picture

Go on, kid. Tell us how you really feel.

Apparently this child picked the best moment ever to complain about the boo-boo on her middle finger when she got her picture taken with Santa.

Now she's a hero for life -- a ready-made, Reddit-tested meme for the ages.

"I am impressed with the sincerity in which she has delivered the bird," Reddit user "endless_sea_of_stars" wrote after the photo of the girl was posted to the social news site Dec. 24.

But "twofridas," who posted the photo, clarified the bird-flipping allegations.

"She's actually just showing [you] her boo boo. She showed it to Santa, then we asked to see it and she turned around and did this," the user explained.

Bird or no bird, we're glad to see some cute kid finally unseated Mikey Wilson as the Internet's reigning giver of zero f***s.

(via Reddit)

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