Best Seat On Plane Is 6A, Survey Says

And The Best Seat On A Plane Is...

Next time you find yourself booking a flight, be sure to see if seat 6A is free. That's because a new poll deems it the best on the plane, reports ABC News.

While the survey didn't take into account extra leg-room, it did ask travelers for their favorite section of the plane and the preference for window or aisle seat, notes Headline News.

Only 7% of people preferred the backseat, while 46% preferred the first six rows of the aircraft.

For those who took part, 60% liked a window with a view, as opposed to the 40% who preferred the aisle. Not surprisingly, less than 1% said they preferred the middle seat over a window or aisle.

As for the worst seat on the plane? 31E is the least desirable given it is a middle seat towards the back of the plane -- often right next to the toilets.

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The North Atlantic

Views From The Window Seat

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