9 Of The Best Sex Toys For Beginners, According To Experts

Vibrators, butt plugs and harnesses for those new to the world of sex toys.

Sex toy sales soared when the coronavirus pandemic began this spring. And it makes sense when you think about all the people at home who are horny, bored and missing their usual sexual outlets.

Curious about exploring the world of sex toys but don’t know where to begin? Fret not! We asked sex experts to share their picks for the best options for newbies — in other words, there’s nothing too intricate or intimidating here.

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Tango by We-Vibe
“The best toy for beginners is a bullet vibrator, hands down! Bullets are small, easy to use, and pack a powerful punch. There are a lot of bullets on the market but I recommend Tango by We-Vibe. It's petite, powerful and pocket-sized and it has eight vibration modes to choose from.” — Ashley Cobb, sexuality coach and blogger at Sex With Ashley
“When you are choosing a toy for the first time, it is important to set yourself up for success by selecting a toy that is easy to use and guarantees pleasure. To maximize clitoral pleasure and for simplicity of the use, I highly recommend LELO NEA 2. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it provides eight different levels of vibrations that will gently build you up to the big O!"

"And it's exceptionally quiet so that your roommate or partner will not hear it. Due to its compact size and mighty power, this toy can be used in partnered play as well. You can incorporate it during foreplay, or you may nestle it between your bodies during intercourse. More than 70% of women do not experience orgasm through vaginal penetration alone and this toy may drastically increase these odds.” — Nazanin Moali, sex therapist and host of the podcast Sexology
Spareparts Tomboii Harness Boxer Briefs
"While not exactly a toy, this harness is perfect for those of us who are new to strap-on play and is the sturdiest of underwear-style harnesses. This strap-on harness allows for maximum control and comfort for the wearer while nixing the complicated straps and buckles that make some harnesses so difficult to use. Pair it with the body-safe dildo of your choice, and you’re in for a fun and easy ride!” — Hope Glassman, therapist in training at The Gender & Sexuality Therapy Center
3-Piece Satisfyer Plugs
"Satisfyer has a great set of butt plugs that are ideal for beginners. They are relatively small in size and they each offer different textures to explore. They have a ring for easy (and required) use for anal play and come in the most adorable colors." — Eva Bloom, sex educator of the YouTube channel What's My Body Doing?
“If you are a type-A personality and obsessed with improving various qualities of your life (including your sex life), I recommend the Lioness, the 'Fitbit' for your sex life. It is a vibrator with a Bluetooth that gathers biofeedback information during your sexual play, which will help you examine and assess your arousal and orgasm afterwards. By seeing your orgasm on the chart, you may begin to unlock how your body works. It has a moveable head and an insertable part, which makes it perfect if you are looking to get the best of both worlds with penetration and clitoral stimulation.” — Moali
Je Joue MiMi Soft
“When you’re ready to graduate from a basic bullet vibe and treat yourself, this toy is a fantastic step up because of its versatility and portability. The MiMi Soft’s unique shape and feel allow its rumbly vibrations to reach your desired area with the perfect level of gentleness or intensity. This vibrator gets bonus points for its many speeds/patterns and being fully submersible, which makes it ideal for use in the bath.” — Glassman
Tenga Egg Sleeve
“This single use 'egg' is actually a textured stroking sleeve marketed toward people with penises, which means it’s an exciting option to enhance solo play and handjobs alike! This toy is so versatile — you can also flip the egg inside out and use it to cover the head of the wand-style vibrator of your choice, which offers a soft, dynamic touch and slight muffling of the strong vibrations.” — Glassman
Vibe by Maude
“For anyone who is interested in purchasing a vibrator but is not quite ready to invest that much money on the toy just yet, another wonderful option is the Vibe by Maude. It is more affordable and also designed in a way that may work well for various erogenous points."

"Additionally, the design is very discreet and modern, which may be an important point for those who are worried about the toy being discovered by others. Furthermore, it is one of the few toys that does not come in neon or flashy colors or cheesy designs. Therefore, I consider it to be more gender-inclusive. For the frequent travelers, it has a locking feature, so you don’t ever need to worry about vibration noise coming out of your bag when you are going through TSA.” — Moali
Blush Gaia Eco Biodegradable & Recyclable Vibrator
"This vibrator is only around $10 and biodegradable — making it an awesome beginner's choice. Its motor does the job without being too loud and its price point means that this vibe can be used as a jumping-off point to explore what kind of stimulation works for you." — Bloom

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