The 13 Best Sex Toys For Your Most Adventurous Friends (Or Yourself)

The best gifts are ones that a person would enjoy, but wouldn't necessarily buy for him or herself. This philosophy seems to be particularly fitting when it comes to sex toys: People are often too shy to step into a sex shop or too embarrassed to admit they're curious about sex toys at all. Yet, having them can make one's sex life a whole lot more fun.

So we've crafted a sex toy holiday gift guide for the people on your list who you suspect are a bit more... open-minded than the rest. Obviously, a hands-free vibrator won't be the right holiday gift for everyone, but a massage oil candle or body powder might be a good place to start for the more timid, but sexually adventurous, folks in your life.

Pro tip: Don't let the people you're buying these for open their gifts in front of all of their friends and family.

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