The 20 Best TV And Film 'Sidekicks' Of The Last Seven Decades

When you're driving down the highway, set one of your presets to SiriusXM, #6 on your radio dial (60s on 6), where you'll find the incomparable and always entertaining DJ Phlash Phelps.

Recently Phlash invited his audience to tell him who their favorite all-time TV or movie sidekicks were either by calling into the studio or by posting it through his Facebook page: Phlash Phelps Phunny Pharm.

Here are some of the top picks from Phlash's listeners (we threw in a few of our own). If your favorite sidekick isn't mentioned here, please let us know your choice in the comments. We love surprises! (Oh, you might want to click on the YouTube link under each sidekick's name to experience some incredible laugh-out-loud moments.) Enjoy!

Barney Fife -- Don Knotts -- ("The Andy Griffith Show")

Donkey -- Eddie Murphy -- ("Shrek" series)

Tonto -- Jay Silverheels -- ("The Lone Ranger")

Bullwinkle -- Bill Scott -- ("The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show")

Ed McMahon -- ("Tonight Show" -- Heeeeeeere's Johnny!)

Rochester -- Eddie Anderson -- ("The Jack Benny Show")

Barney Rubble -- Mel Blanc -- ("The Flintstones")

Festus -- Ken Curtis -- ("Gunsmoke")

Watch Ken Curtis sing -- who knew? Click here!

Chester -- Dennis Weaver -- ("Gunsmoke")

Clarabell the Clown -- Bob Keeshan -- ("Howdy Doody Show")

George Costanza -- Jason Alexander -- ("Seinfeld")

Wilson -- played himself -- (Volleyball in "Cast Away")

Robin -- Burt Ward -- ("Batman")

Mr. Green Jeans -- Hugh Brannum -- ("Captain Kangaroo")

Ed Norton -- Art Carney -- ("The Honeymooners")

Tinker Bell ("Peter Pan")

Brian Griffin -- Seth MacFarlane -- ("Family Guy")

J. Fred Muggs (Dave Garroway's monkey mascot on the "Today Show")

Cheetah ("Tarzan" movies)

Ethel Mertz -- Vivian Vance -- ("I Love Lucy")

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