The Best Beauty Gifts According To People Who Really Know Skin Care

These luxury moisturizers, facial toning devices and glowy skin tints will leave the beauty-lover in your life seriously impressed.
A firming neck treatment, a pair of UV-protective gloves, Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Water cream and the NuFace trinity toning device.
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A firming neck treatment, a pair of UV-protective gloves, Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Water cream and the NuFace trinity toning device.

Beauty-obsessives might seem like easy people to find gifts for, but as a self-proclaimed obsessive myself, I can attest that we can be pretty finicky about what we decide to include in our skin care and makeup routines.

Rather than blindly snagging what appears to be the most popular face cream or lipstick on the shelf, we sought the expertise of knowledgeable beauty gurus to find out what the skin care and makeup lover in your life actually wants this holiday season.

Celebrity makeup artists, skilled estheticians and some of our favorite dermatologists helped create the following collection of covetable present ideas that include everything from depuffing eye creams, serum-infused highlighters, clinical-grade facial creams and decadent skin butters.

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Medi Lift
A wearable EMS mask
This wearable at-home device from Medi Lift was suggested by celebrity esthetician and beauty podcasterIan Michael Crumm, who said that although it looks wild on, it aims to give "wild results" using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology.

"The mask stimulates muscles to give a lifted appearance to the face," Crumm said. He noted that there are many muscle stimulation devices on the market, but said this one is unique because of its hands-free design.

"[It] allows you to do other tasks while the EMS goes to work," he explained. "This helps with compliance and making sure it gets used on a regular basis, thus bettering the results and return on investment in this higher price point gift."
A skin toning device starter kit
Another skin toning device that harnesses the power of microcurrent technology is the NuFace Trinity, a cult-favorite and FDA-cleared gadget that has captured the heart of many, including some of our own editors here at HuffPost. According to New York City-based celebrity esthetician and clinical skin care line founder Joie Tavernise, this starter kit makes a great gift. And she would know, considering she said that she's given it as a gift to several friends and clients over the years and claims it's been a favorite.

"[It] tones, lifts, and contours the facial muscles while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a five-minute facial lift," Tavernise said.
A skin cell-renewing serum
Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Rachel Westbay of New York City's Marmur Medical suggested this "potent and worth-the-splurge" serum containing growth factors for any skin care connoisseur that already has a shelf filled with classic anti-premature-aging products.

"[The TNS+ Advanced+ serum] actually pumps two serums out of two different chambers that work synergistically. The first chamber is filled with a growth factor blend that maximizes cellular metabolism," Westbay explained. "The other chamber releases a blend of botanicals and marine extracts that contain peptides and hydrators to further help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles."

According to Westbay, growth factors make the skin stronger over time by giving it more structural support. Tink of them as the building blocks necessary for other skin care stars like retinol, peptide serums and creams to do the most they can do, she said.
A splurge-worthy rich cream
"I discovered this moisturizer last year and I am truly, honestly obsessed with it," Westbay said of NaturaBisse's Diamond Extreme Cream, a luxurious concoction that Westbay called an anti-aging and nourishing powerhouse that provides visible skincare benefits after a few applications, but also works to fight skin aging over time.

"The formula features a blend of ingredients that work in sync with the skin’s natural circadian rhythm — daytime replenishment and nighttime rejuvenation — as well as herbal extracts that minimize skin laxity and plumping lipids that boost hydration," she said. She explained that this custard-like cream is packed with a cocktail of prebiotics and antioxidants to fight free-radical damage, plus a peptide ingredient that helps soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Westmore Beauty
An ultra-lengthening tubing mascara
Westmore Beauty's 60-Second Lash Effects mascara was suggested by celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, who said that with the popularity of tubing mascaras on the rise, this smudge- and flake-free formula would make the perfect gift for makeup-lovers.

"This tubing mascara provides waterproof and high performance wear that’s guaranteed to keep your lashes lifted and ultra-defined," said Greenberg, who also founded her own makeup line, Jamie Makeup. "[It's] a perfect option for sensitive eyes as it is formulated with lash-loving ingredients and a fine-detailing wand for precise application."
A tinned collection of butter creams from 54 Thrones
Tisha Thompson, an Atlanta-based makeup artist and founder of the clean makeup brand LYS Beauty, said that if your giftee struggles with chronically dry skin, then this set containing five 54 Thrones' African Beauty Butter creams for the hands and body, all beautifully tucked away in a collectible tin, is the one.

"These mini hand creams are made with shea butter and provide restorative hydration for the hands," Thomson said, adding that she keeps one in her purse, car and nightstand for easy access.

Each tube is uniquely and decadently scented with fragrances like Ugandan vanilla with Ethiopian honey and Kenyan hibiscus with Moroccan rose.
Serum-infused highlighter drops
Thompson also suggested these luminous skin drops by Live Tinted. It's a truly unique glow-inducing product that she said would make a great gift, especially during the winter months. Available in three shades that compliment a variety of skin tones (plus a sold-out four-piece gift set), the innovative formula is what the brand calls a serum-meets-moisturizer highlighter that contains hydrating squalane and light catching micro-shimmers that help make the complexion look perfectly dewy and healthy.

"These formulas are super easy to blend, so they are perfect for makeup lovers of all skill levels," Thompson said.
A limited edition Danessa Myrics chrome eye set
Danessa Myrics is known for her impressive high-shimmer shadows that deliver in both color payoff and formula. Thompson is also a fan, as she recommended this full-size limited-edition eye set that she makes the perfect holiday gift, especially with New Year's Eve right around the corner.

This two-piece kit includes a waterproof liquid pigment that gives the eye a wet-looking finish and Danessa Myrics' Infinite Chrome Flakes, which are highly reflective and multi-dimensional flakes that require no glues or mixing mediums to apply.

"The liquid pigment can be applied to the eyes or cheeks for a look that's hard to look away from," Thompson said.
Intensive serum ampules for premature skin aging
Virginia-based celebrity facialist Sarah Akram called these individual ampules by Biopelle Tensage the perfect science-backed skin care product that's the ideal gift for your skin care-obsessed loved who wants to visibly address dryness and a dull-appearing complexion

"[They] feature concentrated growth factor benefits for fast improvement in the appearance of lackluster skin with visible improvement in as little as 24 hours," she said, adding that these are suitable for all skin types. The intensive serum inside these freshness-preserving ampules also contains glycoproteins and antioxidants, which can help improve skin texture and elasticity and protect skin from premature aging.
Bergdorf Goodman
A luxury reparative moisturizer
"I discovered this line over the summer and [it’s] been in heavy rotation in my at-home routine," Akram said of Eighth Day. The line was developed by a leading reconstructive skin cancer surgeon who has gone deep into the science of what works, she said, and The Reparative Moisturizer is a highly active and hydrating product.

Akram said that the moisturizer leverages Eighth Day’s patent pending stem cell technology, a composition of peptides, growth factors and amino acids that she said is highly effective at hydrating and repairing damaged and aging skin.
A pair of UV-protective gloves
"For the commuter in your life, consider gifting a setting of UV gloves," suggested Dr. Brendan Camp, a board-certified dermatologist with New York City's MDCS Dermatology. He reminded us that prolonged sun exposure can contribute to premature skin aging symptoms such as laxity and sun spots, and that the backs of hands can become even more susceptible to UV radiation while
driving. Harmful rays can penetrate window glass.

"These UV gloves have SPF 50+ protection and come in a number of colors," he said.
A barrier-repairing lip balm
Dr. Marisa Garshick, a board-certified dermatologist who is also with New York City's MDCS Dermatology, suggested this hydrating lip balm by La Roche-Posay, the beloved French pharmacy skin care brand.

"It uses the La Roche Posay prebiotic thermal spring water, which is rich in selenium, a natural antioxidant, vitamin B5 to soothe the skin and shea butter which helps to nourish the lips and lock moisture in," Garshick said.

The perfect gift for anyone dealing with dry or chapped lips, and especially good for those with sensitive skin, this barrier-protective formula leaves skin smoother and softer, without leaving behind any sticky or greasy feeling, Garshick said.
An advanced firming neck cream
Camp also suggested Revision Skincare's Nectifirm Advanced, a firming treatment formulated for the neck and decollete.

"Much emphasis in skin care is placed on the face," he said. "Help your gift recipient keep their neck looking young and healthy, too. Microbiome technology and eight distinctive peptides enable this neck cream to reduce the appearance of crepey skin, fine lines and wrinkles."
A trio of Fenty Beauty's best selling glosses
A self-proclaimed "lip girlie," celebrity makeup artist Emily Gray said that you'll usually find her gifting lipsticks and lip glosses for the holiday season, and she's particularly excited about this full-sized gift set of glossy favorites by Fenty Beauty.

Gift receivers will find three different juicy formulas in this gift set, all of which promise a nourishing wear and glass-like shine that lasts.

"Fenty glosses are a favorite in my kit and I literally love every single shade. They smell amazing, glide on the lips, and keep them plump and gorgeous. I feel like anyone who appreciates makeup would love this trio," Gray said.
A gel-to-cream moisturizer
Every luxury skin care-lover has coveted the rose gold-gilded offerings of Charlotte Tilbury, and according to Garshick, this gel-to-cream version of the brand's iconic Magic Cream is a great gift selection. She explained that this fragrance-free moisturizer helps to boost hydration using a patented "Waterlocking Fusion" system, as well as a bio peptide complex that helps to improve overall texture.

"While it can be used by all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, it is especially good for those with oily or combination skin and leaves the skin looking glowing," she said.
A peptide-packed night cream
"This nighttime face moisturizer is a great stocking stuffer," Camp said of this peptide-rich cream by the dermatologist-approved brand Cetaphil that's great for sensitive skin. The inclusion of purified peptides can help plump the skin, and according to Camp, "its smooth and rich texture offers intense overnight hydration to help skin recover and renew itself from the cold temperatures and dry air of winter."
A depuffing eye cream
"For anyone looking to reduce under eye puffiness this holiday season, this eye cream is a great option," Garshick said of the Longevity Eye Cream by TruSkin, a hidden gem of a skin care brand that's also responsible for an internet-beloved vitamin C serum.

She explained that this eye cream incorporates bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol alternative especially good for those with sensitive skin and which can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

"It also contains coffeeberry extract, which is rich in caffeine to help reduce puffiness, and lingonberry stem cells which helps to brighten the skin," Garshick said.

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