Tiny Espresso Makers That Don't Take Up Your Entire Countertop

These espresso makers may be small, but they have seriously amazing reviews.
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Just because you like a good latte doesn’t mean you want your whole kitchen to become a shrine to caffeine. To keep your drinks pouring and free up some space around the house, we found some highly-rated tiny espresso machines that make amazing drinks without taking up a ton of space.

From hand-held devices that you can take camping or traveling to compact automatic machines that will give your kitchen a cool cafe feel, these espresso makers are seriously small but have amazing reviews and results.

Enjoy cappuccinos and Americanos from the comfort of your own home without disrupting your entire kitchen space with the micro coffee machines on the list ahead. We included items in a variety of prices and styles to find the perfect thing for every type of kitchen and espresso drinker.

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HuffPost's favorite Picopresso portable espresso maker
Beloved by the head of HuffPost's Life section (and culinary school grad) Kristen Aiken, this handheld espresso maker fits in the palm of your hand and makes incredible drinks. You put your grounds in the base, pour in boiling water and then pump the water through, hitting the bottom, giving you an instant, single, super fresh shot. Aiken says this baby is more precise than other portable espresso makers and is really made for coffee snobs and people who weigh their beans on kitchen scales. "With 18 bars of pressure, it makes creamy shots with strong flavors and aromas that go beyond what other models can achieve," she said.

Promising review: "... So, I got this thing for my camping trip but I ended up just daily-ing this bad boy for my personal use at home. Given its price point I could assume that people might think this is pretty expansive and as did I. But after further research on the web and on youtube and just using this product everyday almost, I could tell you this is probably the most affordable espresso machine you could buy. This actually pulls shots. ..." – Ki Y. Kim
Or the more affordable Nanopresso
Aiken also recommends the Nanopresso, which is almost half the price as the previous option. It's from the same brand as the Picopresso and also uses a manual pump model to make one shot at a time with a maximum of 18 bars of pressure. Per Aiken, it is a little less precise than the Picopresso — it doesn't take as fine a grind of espresso and you can be a bit looser with the measurements, making this a great item to take with you camping or otherwise on the go, as well a tool you can use at home.

Promising review: "I rarely write reviews, but this one totally deserves it. I take it to my office because I hate the coffee there, and this thing is a life savior. I have access to boiling water so, it makes it a little easier to make. I can finally have good coffee at work :)! You can tell the product is made with quality materials (not cheap plastic), it’s easy to carry, the pumping is easy and not loud at all (as some have mentioned)." – Elvin
A handy Outin Nano portable espresso machine
If you want something portable without needing to pump or hold the button, the Outin Nano does all the work for you. It automatically heats your water and pulls a shot right into the cap. It's leak-proof and has heat insulation to keep your drink at the temperature it's supposed to be when you're on the move. This works with ground coffee and capsules, making it extra user-friendly when traveling.

Promising review: "I’m an intern, so I spend countless hours in a hospital and coffee is a survival necessity. I like good coffee, and this delivers. I always use hot water, because it saves battery and goes faster. Can use nespresso style capsules or powder coffee, both with excellent results. 100% recommend it! It’s small, kinda the size of a travel mug, but it is a little heavy, heavier than what I had expected. Not a problem though, just surprising." — Patricia Miranda
A classic moka pot stovetop espresso maker
A nod to simpler times, this stovetop espresso maker doesn't have any fancy buttons or dials. It's a metal percolator-style pot that can go directly on your stovetop. Pour water into the base, put your beans into the metal filter, twist the top back on and you're ready to go. It's quick, affordable, simple and reminiscent of a classic Italian cafe.

Promising review: "I can’t think of anything to dislike about this Italian coffee maker, easy to clean, and the good thing is you can save your money from going to Starbucks in the morning" — Greg K.
A vintage diner-inspired espresso maker with a milk frother wand
Give your kitchen a retro homey feel with this vintage-inspired compact espresso machine. It has a stream wand, allowing you to heat milk and make foam, and a heated top, allowing you to warm your cup for maximum ambiance. It has a 34-ounce water tank, so you can make many drinks without refilling it, and a built-in pressure gauge to ensure the exact pressure you want.

Promising review: "I am a non-expert when it comes to making expressos and lattes. But with this machine, it's very easy. I honestly can't tell the difference between my lattes and the expensive ones at the coffee shops. No complaints. I highly recommend it." — Elizabeth
A super sleek Nespresso mini espresso machine
Finally, a Nespresso machine that can fit on even the smallest kitchen counter. This machine can heat water in as quick as 25 seconds and works with ground coffee and pods to give you cafe-like drinks at your home.

Promising review: "This is my favorite coffee machine out of all the ones I’ve used in the past. It’s small enough to take with me on trips and sooo easy to use. I’ve had one for a couple of years now and it still works like new. I bought this one so I could have one at my office and at home. Makes a delicious cup of coffee." — Sargar
A budget-friendly 4-cup espresso maker
Or, keep it really simple (and affordable) with this manual espresso machine. It's straightforward and easy to use, giving you up to four cups at once.

Promising review: "Love this espresso, definitely been a trooper and coffee grain saver as I'm not dumping 4cups of unused coffee away. I usually put 2 packed scoops and 1/2 loose scoop on top and it's so yummy. I make it for guests and they say it's better than Starbucks and I agree. All for a great priced product. Almost 2 years later and I'm a well satisfied customer." — Tristan Morilla

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