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The 6 Best Small Towns In America, According To Rand McNally (PHOTOS)

All small towns have their perks -- from the peace and quiet to the lack of tourists (and not to mention, the simple fact you tend to get more square footage for your money), it sure seems like they are the standout winners when compared to urban areas.

But just like big cities, no two tiny towns are created equal. And thanks to map publisher Rand McNally, which just released the results (see below for more details) of this past year's mission to find the best small towns in the country, we've found out which of these stand out as a cut above the rest. Whether, they offer incredible eats or just plain appreciate being American, these are definitely the small towns with big hearts (and big perks).

Most Beautiful: Jefferson City, Missouri

The 5 Best Small Towns In America

The places listed above were selected by Rand McNally. Citizens were encouraged to vote for their hometowns (with populations of 150,000 or less), and a panel of judges narrowed the list of nearly 1,200 nominees down to 30 finalists, presented as either winners or runners-up in the slideshow above.

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