Welcome To The Meta Moment Of Your Day: A List Of Smiles To Make You Smile


There are three things you should never leave home without: the keys to your house or apartment, an emergency food source (think extreme, stuck-in-the-elevator type situations) and a smile.

Smiles are scientifically proven to inspire happiness, so it only makes sense to live by the motto, ‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile.’ (The same rule applies for pants.)

To prove our theory -- and make your day a little brighter -- we’ve partnered with Sony Picture’s 'Annie' (in theaters December 19), to bring you the best smile superlatives on the Internet.

We hope they make you smile so hard your face hurts.

Most Mischievous

You should probably run and hide, like, now.

Annie Movie
The only thing better than a smile, is a big ol' bear hug to go with it.

Most Likely To Give You ALL The Good Feelings

All of them. Every single one.

Most Likely To Make Your Heart Melt

The only thing cuter than babies smiling at bathtime, are dogs smiling at bathtime.

Best Dimples

And maybe best looking. Okay, definitely best looking.

Most Likely To Be Up To No Good

You don’t have a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card, so be careful with this one.

Most Fabulous

You could even say it’s flawless.

Best Accompanying Eyebrow Raise

Executed perfectly only by Disney characters.

Most Adorable

Did you not know pandas could smile? They can. And it’s amazing.

The Smile That Almost Wasn’t

We’re not sure why you’d try to keep it in -- let those teeth show, baby!

Most Likely To Get Asked For A Dentist Referral

Everyone’s envious of your pearly whites. Share the love (and your dentist’s phone number)!

Best Energy

Sometimes a smile needs a little ‘oomph’ to show you really mean it. This pretty much does the trick.

Most Likely To Suggest That Dinner Invite Was An Empty Gesture

You might want to sit on the opposite side of the table this evening.

Best Smile To Break Through The Stigma Of ‘Seriousness’

He fooled you, didn’t he? You thought he actually wasn’t going to smile!

Most Likely to Make Us Wish Bunnies Actually Smiled Like This

If only.

Don't forget to share a smile this holiday season! Share a selfie of your smiling face and you might be featured in the Annie smile fan cut video. Just post your photo on Instagram or Twitter and use #AnnieMovie.

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