Go To South America Just To Eat At These 6 Restaurants

BRB, booking a flight.

When you think of South American food, your mind probably conjures images of roadside stands doling out empanadas, arepas, refreshing juices and exotic fruits.

But there's more to the cuisine than that.

If you're looking for an elaborate meal to remember, try a more traditional feast or an innovative culinary hotspot that takes classic South American flavors and ingredients to new heights.

Whatever your style, here are six restaurants that are worth a trip to South America.

Siete Fuegos -- Tunuyán, Argentina

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Patagonian chef Francis Mallmann founded Siete Fuegos as a tribute to Argentine cuisine. Located at the luxurious Vines Resort & Spa, the upscale restaurant is a destination in and of itself.Mallmann's love for Argentine-style grilling and traditional woodfire cooking methods are on full display at Siete Fuegos. Large fires surround parts of the seating area, all of which are used to grill and char each dish. It's a spectacle best served with a good glass of Argentine wine.
Restaurante Casa Santa Clara -- Bogotá, Colombia
This whimsical white restaurant sits atop Monserrate Mountain, which towers thousands of feet above Colombia's capital city of Bogotá. Casa Santa Clara serves classic Colombian food at prices that won't break the bank, but the view is what makes this restaurant a must. Try to get a window seat for panoramic views of Bogotá, which is breathtaking both during the day and at night.
Churrascaria Vento Haragano -- São Paulo, Brazil

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If you're an enthusiastic carnivore, Brazilian churrascaria steakhouses will blow your mind.São Paolo's Churrascaria Vento Haragano is your classic Brazilian steakhouse at its best -- waiters parade huge skewers of meat throughout the restaurant, all of which are yours for the eating. Pile up your plate with seemingly endless varieties of meats and sides; there's no judgment here.
Gustu Restaurant -- La Paz, Bolivia

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Bolivia might not be a foodie's first-choice destination in South America, but Gustu is looking to change that. The innovative restaurant showcases the country's unique set of endemic ingredients (things like alpaca, river trout and palm heart) with classic culinary techniques.
Barra Mar -- Lima, Peru

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If you're a seafood lover, look no further.This hole-in-the-wall cafe serves up classic Peruvian ceviche and other seafood-centric fare with a modern twist. You can't go wrong with the fish sandwich, ceviche and fried rice.If the hip, casual atmosphere and fresh seafood don't have you convinced, the surprisingly low prices definitely will.
Restaurant Peumayen -- Santiago, Chile

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If you visit Peumayen, expect to be surprised. The restaurant serves what it calls "ancestral food," and tries to expose diners to the food of Chile's indigenous people and cultures. That can mean anything from horse meat to traditionally made regional breads.If the concept itself doesn't have you hooked, the painstaking presentation and original flavors should convince you.
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