The Best Space Heater Of 2019, According To Consumer Reports

When your home needs something safe, warm and efficient.
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Keeping a house ― or even a room ― warm in the depth of winter has its challenges. Even with insulation and central heat, there are cold nooks and crannies that never seem to warm up.

There are many ways to keep your home warm, like insulating window curtains and door draft stoppers, but space heaters are a quick and efficient way heat up and chilly space without much extra effort. You just find a safe space for it, plug it in and let it do its job.

The problem is that there are way too many space heaters on the market to choose from. Amazon’s best-selling space heater might be cheap, but is it safe and effective? Is Dyson’s pricey Hot + Cool AM09 space heater really worth it? For the answer, we consulted the product review experts at Consumer Reports.

Their answer is somewhere in the middle. As it turns out, the No. 1 recommendation for overall heating is the Comfort Zone CZ499R space heater.

The Warming Store

The heater, which goes for about $80, received top marks from Consumer Reports in room heating, spot heating, fire safety and ease of use. For those who are safety-conscious, the Comfort Zone also includes a timer and remote control, and it is safe around combustible materials like drapes. It’s sold out on Amazon right now, but you can still snag it at The Warming Store.

That said, no single space heater works for everyone or every home. To keep even the coldest people warm, the Honeywell HCE311V space heater is apparently best at heating a room quickly, while the Heat Storm Mojave space heater received the best ranking for direct heating.

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