Best Spring Destinations 2016

Best Spring Destinations 2016
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Wondering where the best spring destinations are?

For many, spring is the ideal time of the year to travel. The weather is delightful, especially when it is not too warm or too cold. In the north, the flowers are blooming and the plants and trees are slowly coming back to life. In the south, the temperatures at the beaches are usually spot-on, or just right enough to fulfill anyone's end of winter hibernation sun cravings. The prices for trips are affordable, and the crowds are minimal, making it the perfect time of year to travel.

Here are some of the best spring destinations discovered by 16 outstanding travel bloggers from around the world.

1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - John Roberts of InTheLoopTravel

Lover's Beach (Playa Del Amor) near the famed El Arco is just one of the dozens of great beaches in Cabo San Lucas, a legendary spring break hot spot. Cabo's night clubs, strips of smooth sand, blue waters and endless sunshine beckon party goers who come to cut loose on their break, and the action is nonstop as the town pulls out all the stops to keep you smiling in this paradise.

2. Los Angeles, California - Vik of IamVagabond
Known for many things, especially the iconic Hollywood sign and its famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Los Angeles has a lot more to offer than just being the movie capital of the world. You will definitely appreciate it's warm climate and some of the most famous beaches, like Santa Monica beach and Venice beach.

3. San Francisco, CA
One of my favorite cities in America packs a lot of great stuff to see and do. It has some of the world class restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world. Lively contemporary and classical arts, along with many top notch museums and a vibrant nightlife. Finally, those picture perfect scenes of Golden Gate Bridge, Alamo Square, and Lombard Street, makes it the best spring destinations.

4. Amsterdam - Evelina of Little Big Traveler
It's Amsterdam. There's no other place like Amsterdam. And in spring, the city is unbelievably beautiful. There are tulips everywhere and the scent of spring is truly in the air. Guaranteed, one of the best spring destinations!

5. Zipolite, Mexico - Danie of Like Riding A Bicycle
Zipolite is a beautiful beach town on the west coast of Mexico. While not a well-known spot for crazy spring break vacationers, the place here is more for the person who wants to soak up as much sun and sand as possible while away from home. The entire town is on the beach, and for bonus points, the entire beach is clothing optional!

6. Washington D.C. - Anshula Varma of Passport To Eden
I'd suggest visiting Washington D.C. With all the museums and iconic locations, DC manages to smuggle in some educational tidbits while remaining a fresh break from hectic schoolwork. The famed cherry blossoms will also start to be in bloom (though the peak isn't until April), which just adds to the delightful springtime energy.

7. Parvati Valley, Himachal, India - Sonal of Drifter Planet
Parvati Valley of the Himalayas is cold throughout the year but looks its best as the spring approaches. This valley is right on India's hippie trail and a hike through one of the trails in springtime will make your eyes pop out because the colors look very vivid. The best part - herds of cheeky goats in large numbers come out for a stroll.

8. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - Hannah and Adam of Getting Stamped
Escape Cancun and head to Playa del Carmen Mexico! Only 45 minutes south of Cancun, Playa del Carmen offers some of the best beaches in Mexico complete with great beach clubs, amazing restaurants & shopping, and fewer tourists. There are tons of day trips from Playa del Carmen to take to discover the surrounding area.

9. Budapest - Shiv of Hypertrypsy
I first visited Budapest in March 2015 and I couldn't resist coming back to the city, merely 5 days after I'd left. Be it the walks along the embankments of the Danube river, the hike to the royal Buda castle, the breathtaking view of the world's 3rd largest parliament or the iconic Hero's Square, Budapest has to be my favorite spot for the spring break!

10. Atlantic City, NJ - Rahmi of Bound2Explore
Lined with beautiful resorts along the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic City is a spring break playground for adults and kids alike. From casinos, boardwalk, beach, upscale spas to a pool that turn into a nightclub, AC sure offers a little bit of everything. What are you waiting for? Come to AC for your spring break blast!

11. Phokhara, Nepal -Natalia of My Trip Hack
If you are a nature and mountain lover, then Pokhara (Nepal) could be one of your best spring destinations. It provides many kinds of activities for you: trekking, rowing, paragliding, visit religious sights, explore caves, enjoy the majestic view of Annapurna range in the morning and ride a bicycle across the city surrounded by the picturesque scenes.

12. Algarve, Portugal - Jeremy of Escapist Atlas
When it comes to spring break destinations in Europe, you really can't go wrong with Algarve, Portugal. The Algarve is the term for the southern region of Portugal encompassing numerous towns, each with their own unique character. As we're talking Spring Break, I have to recommend Albufeira. Albufeira is the center of nightlife for the Algarve region and is teeming with people enjoying themselves.

13. Cancun, Mexico - Leila of Leila's Passport
Cancun is one of the best spring break vacation spots one can go to especially if you live in North America. You can relax at the beach or at one of the many all-inclusive resorts. You can party in downtown Cancun at the famous Coco Bongo. And, you can even have a dose of culture by taking a day trip to see Chichen Itza, one of the new 7 wonders.

14. Las Catalinas, Costa Rica - Bri of Wander With Bri
Las Catalinas is a dream. Pura Vida {Costa Rica's country motto, pure life} can be easily achieved in this enchanting pedestrian town with its old quarter style to your left and it's private black sand beach to your right. You will definitely declare this "the best spring break ever!" as soon as you experience your first picture perfect sunset - followed by a dark sky with thousands of stars gleaming above you.

15. Austin, Texas
Austin is the perfect spring break spot for the foodie, the adventurer, the music lover, the fashionista, and the party goers! All of the perks of the big city with the beautiful surrounding nature will leave you wanting more than just a spring break here.

16. Hawaii - Christabel of Two Nomads One World
My favorite spring break spot has to be Oahu. From swimming in secluded beaches along the North Shore, the Nu'uanu Pali scenic lookout to hiking the steep Diamond Head trail, Oahu has something for everyone. Sun, sand, surf, and perfect evening sunsets, I'm not sure there's a better way to spend a week away from school!

17. Cruise on a Spring Break - Don and Heidi of Eat Sleep Cruise
Why be land locked on Spring Break? With a best spring break cruise, you can visit many locations in a region. See the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, or even Australia. The options are endless. Head over to to learn how to plan the best spring break cruise.

18. Keukenhof, Netherlands - Crizzy Kiss (Me)
Seeing the tulips in Keukenhof, Holland was definitely a dream came true for me. Being surrounded in the fields of tulips and flowers of any kinds, as far as your eyes can see, was so magical and fascinating! Keukenhof park is absolutely one of the best spring destinations I've been.

Have you been to any of these best spring destinations? What is your best spring break spot? Thank you for reading! Please share if you like this article.😉

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