Which Wine Glass Should You Use? (VIDEO)

By Etty Lewensztain, Wine Expert for the Menuism Wine Blog

Why is stemware shaped differently? How does a glass affect the way a wine tastes? Can your wine glass improve your drinking experience? Menuism's Wine Expert Etty Lewensztain introduces you to the various types of stemware, when each should be used, and why.

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Which Wine Glass Should You Use? originally published on the Menuism Wine Guides.

Etty Lewensztain is the owner of Plonk Wine Merchants, an online shop focused on small-production, artisanal and altogether great cheap wine. The food- and wine-obsessed Los Angeles native cut her teeth in the wine biz running a marketing campaign to promote Chilean wine in the U.S., and is certified by the esteemed Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and the American Sommelier Association. Plonk Wine Merchants specializes in hidden gems from around the globe and every bottle in the store is priced below $30. Follow Plonk Wine Merchants on Twitter @PlonkOnline.