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Summer Beers You Need To Drink Before Labor Day

Stock up your fridges!

There are a lot of summer beers out there. How's one supposed to navigate the beer aisle to find the perfect brew for warm weather? First We Feast has assembled a group of beer experts to answer that very question:

Mike Lovullo, specialty brands manager for Union Beer Distributors
Jimmy Carbone, owner of Jimmy's No. 43; host of Beer Sessions Radio; founder of the Good Beer Seal
Julian Kurland, Beer Director, The Cannibal Beer & Butcher
Samuel Merritt, founder of Civilization of Beer
Jeff Gorlechen, co-founder at Sixpoint
Justin Philips, owner of Beer Table
Dave Brodrick, founder of Blind Tiger Ale House
Reid Ramsay, founder of Beer Street Journal
Ale Sharpton, beer journalist and author of Cruisin' for a Brewsin'
Anthony Finley, beer server at Proletariat
John Holl, beer journalist and author of The American Craft Beer Cookbook
Chris Schonberger, editor-in-chief of First We Feast

Check out their recommendations below. All text courtesy First We Feast:

Best Summer Beers