15 Summer Party Hacks That Change The Game

How to keep your drinks cool and stay entertained when the weather heats up.

Parties are meant to be fun, but too often there's lots of work for the host, which defeats the whole purpose. We have a solution: hacks. Lots of them. From finding better ways to keep cocktails cold to clever ways to reinvent outdoor games, here are 15 party hacks that are going to make your summer parties better and easier. Cheers to that.

Take care of the bartending ahead of time.
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Make cocktails before the party starts and store them in ready-to-drink mason jars on ice.
Make impressive ice buckets.
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It's hot out there and booze has got to stay cool. May as well make it look nice during the process.
TWO WORDS: giant Jenga.
A Beautiful Mess
A couple of 2x4s and access to a saw and you've got yourself the best outdoor game around.
Use a colander as an ice bucket.
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Fill a colander with ice, place it over a bowl and don't worry about your drink buckets being full of melted ice long after the party starts.
No board? No problem. Spray paint outdoor Twister.
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Ain't no party like a Twister party.
Turn your cocktails into popsicles.
Drizzle & Dip
To serve ice cream, don't scoop. Slice it with a knife.
Grabriela Landazuri Saltos
Or better yet, turn that pint of ice cream into the easiest ice cream cake ever made.
Or if you do scoop, do it ahead of time and freeze in cupcake liners.
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It'll save you lots of time and mess during the party.
Fashion a magnetic bottle opener.
Practically Functional.
Its magnet sucks up the bottle caps, so you'll never fish out another stray bottle cap from the lawn again.
Write the doneness of burgers on the buns with ketchup.
A Subtle Revelry
Use frozen water balloons in a cooler instead of ice.
Brit + Co.
Ice is a precious commodity at any party and it's a waste in a cooler. This makes a whole lot more sense, and once the water melts you can pelt your friends with them.
Turn a watermelon into a keg.
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Watermelons are a hit at summer gatherings, especially when filled with booze. Plus, you can use the scooped-out fruit to make boozy watermelon slushies.
Make walking tacos, naturally.
Steamy Kitchen
Hot dogs and burgers are great at outdoor parties, but they can be messy to eat. Walking tacos are the solution. They're the easiest way to eat while socializing. And there are many ways to make them great.
Make an ice block or ring to keep punch cold.
Make iced coffee popsicles.
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Serve them at the end of the gathering in place of coffee. Game changed.
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