HuffPost Readers Swear By These Products To Make Summer So Much Easier

These game-changing warm-weather goods are reader-approved.
Isdin Photo tinted sunscreen, collapsible buckets and Chaco slide sandals.

Don’t let the gray, rainy days of early spring fool you — summer is coming, baby, and it will be here soon. To help you best prepare for the sunny season, we rounded up some HuffPost-reader bestsellers that will prepare you to enjoy the longer days ahead.

From camping-ready portable power stations to facial sunscreen, these items will aid in all aspects of summer, keeping you hydrated and comfortable as you soak up the sun and enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, going on a weekend road trip or are just enjoying going outside without wearing a parka, here are HuffPost readers’ most shopped items that will get you through the summer.

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A super handy portable neck fan
This rechargeable fan is built with 78 ventilation holes and has a battery life of 4-16 hours depending on which wind setting you’re using. Since it’s bladeless and wireless, you don’t have to deal with any annoying wires that would get in the way or tangle in your hair. Simply put it around your neck and choose one of the three wind settings: weak wind, natural wind or strong wind. HuffPost readers bought up this fan in multiples two summers ago.
Thigh Society
A pair of thin, moisture-wicking under-shorts
When we spoke to dermatologists last summer about the best products to help with chafing, we found these breezy, ultra-thin under-shorts that are silky and lightweight and can be worn in hot weather. Made with a high-tech performance fabric designed to pull heat and moisture away from the body, they're available in 11 colors, four different leg lengths and sizes XS-6XL and can look undetectable beneath clothes.
A pair of Chaco Chillo slides
We recently wrote about Chaco's Chillo slide, an easy-to-wear slide with actual arch support, and HuffPost readers loved it. This comfortable sandal comes in men’s size 7-15 and women’s sizes 5-14.
A Jackery portable power bank
For summer storms, road trips or camping, you'll be happy to have this popular power bank. Equipped with four output ports including one AC outlet, one DC car port and two USB, this entry-level model weighs less than seven pounds and offers up to 200 watts of power. It can charge a phone up to 24 times before needing to be plugged in again.
Isdin Photo mineral sunscreen
When we spoke to dermatologists about the best sunscreen for mature skin, Isdin's Eryfotona was a top recommendation. (It's also been a top seller here at HuffPost too.) "It’s a lightweight emulsion that delivers moisture and mineral zinc oxide for a chemical-free, physical sunscreen that eliminates the possibility of allergy... [and] has zinc oxide and DNA repair enzymes. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave a white film," Dr. Corey L. Hartman, a board-certified dermatologist previously told HuffPost.
A Lifestraw personal water fiter
If you're into hiking and camping in the summer, you'll get great peace of mind from grabbing a reader-favorite Lifestraw. It can remove microplastics, bacteria, parasites and more (including E. coli, salmonella and giardia) from just about any water source. One single filter has a long lifespan, providing about 1,000 gallons of clean and safe drinking water — making it well worth the price tag.
A Simple Modern 40-ounce tumbler
A little cheaper than the 40-ounce cup that shall not be named, this dishwasher-safe, tapered Trek tumbler is beloved by HuffPost readers. It fits in the car, has an easy-grab handle and comes in 30 bright and fun color combos that are perfect for summer.
A trio of collapsible buckets
Bulky buckets take up tons of car space and need to be carried on their own, but these collapsible buckets can be slipped into a tote bag or backpack and are super easy to carry. HuffPost readers like them for the beach, lake, pool or even backyard for little ones.
A mesh beach bag
Say goodbye to the piles of sand trapped at the bottom of your old canvas bag. This mesh bag lets you keep all your beach necessities with you, without any of the sand. HuffPost readers have loved it for two summers, with many more to come.
Lee callus remover
Stay ready for sandal season with this at-home pedicure gel. Beloved by HuffPost readers, it's a simple callus remover treatment you can do in under 30 minutes. Don't have the time or money for a pedicure? This bottle will keep your piggies looking fresh.
Dr. Scholl's heel repair balm
Another home pedicure staple? This reader-loved cracked heel repair. It will help dry cracked feet and heels get a little more softness and hydration, keeping your feet ready for sand and swimming.
A Brita water bottle
In the heat of summer, you're hopefully drinking more water throughout the day, and what's better than this beloved 26-ounce, dishwasher-safe, leakproof, filtering Brita water bottle? It has a built-in filter and is sleek and easy to throw in a bag on the go.
Or, the Owala FreeSip
Another water bottle that's beloved by HuffPost readers? The Owala FreeSip. Its innovative dual drinking spout acts as both a straw and a regular thermos-style opening, meaning you can sip or swig without needing to fuss.
A colorful crossbody bag
Warm weather means you're likely not wearing a jacket with tons of handy pockets. Heck, if you're at the beach or pool, you may have no pockets at all. Good thing HuffPost readers have put us on to this sturdy, hands-free unisex cross body, that rivals Lululemon's virally popular Everywhere belt bag. It comes in an astonishing 30 colors, and the strap can be adjusted between 30.7 inches and 48.8 inches in length.
A Revlon roll-on oil control stick
Come summer, heat and sweat and (hopefully) facial sunscreen may make you a little extra oily. Good news: for less than ten bucks you can snag this HuffPost reader-beloved roll-on oil control stick. It promises to reduce shine without getting in the way of your makeup. The roller ball — made from volcanic stone — can be washed easily, and you can purchase
refills separately.
A six-inch rechargable lighter
For citronella candles, backyard fires, or your old charcoal grill, HuffPost readers lover this handy little rechargeable electric lighter. Never fret about finding matches or gas station lighters again, and enjoy the six-inch distance it gives you from the flame. Plus, it's wind- and splash-proof so it can keep up outdoor activities.
A protective cabana umbrella
Give yourself full sun coverage and make your own private hideaway with this reader-approved cabana umbrella. It comes with ground stakes to stabilize it into the sand, with zipper window sections to let in some sun.
A 25-liter cooler backpack
No more lugging a heavy hard cooler with an annoying square handle through the parking lot and down the beach. This insulated soft cooler holds up to 25 cans and has backpack straps for extra portability. It comes in seven colors, each beloved by readers.
A set of waterproof playing cards
Go Fish, Old Maid or heck, even poker — these reader-loved waterproof playing cards will let you play all day and won't get totally ruined when the tide comes in. They're perfect for little and big kids alike to stay occupied under the sun.
A plastic-free sand brush
Sand doesn't just get on feet, it gets on chairs, toys, surf boards and shoes. This plastic-free beach brush will help you take sand off yourself, your kids and all your toys and beach gear. Readers love it, and we can see why.
A waterproof phone pouch
Keep your phone and valuables dry and your worries at bay with this totally waterproof, totally reader-loved pouch. It comes in 14 colors and fits most smartphones.
A foldable outside table
Finally, a place to put your homemade sandwich down without getting it full of sand. This beloved mini table folds up for easy storage and carrying, and is the perfection addition to any beach day.
A standing weed remover
If you spend any time in your garden or green space in the summer, you'll be glad to have this reader-loved manual weeding tool to help get out the whole plant, including the roots. This standing weeder lets you get those pesky pants without kneeling or causing strain on necks or backs, as the metal claw grabs the weeds from the root just by tilting it.
The Bug Bite Thing
While it may look like a confusing contraption, this small suction tool helps relieve the itch and pain from big bites. HuffPost readers love it, and you'll be happy to have it in your beach bag all summer.

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