Best Super Bowl Ads


In general, most of the long-awaited ads featured during the Super Bowl this year were considered a disappointment.

The New York Times' advertising columnist Stuart Elliot icily noted:

In recent months, Americans have been disappointed and appalled by Wall Street, banks, the big-budget film "Australia," investment counselors, Detroit, the governors of at least two states, hedge fund managers and even the geese at La Guardia, which used to know better than to interfere with those metal birds they fly among.

After Sunday, you could add Super Bowl advertising to that lengthening list of letdowns.

And the Washington Post's Tom Shales felt that the economic recession didn't seem to impact this year's cavalcade of ads:

If corners were cut in the presentation of Super Bowl XLIII, it was hard to spot them. Maybe the commercials overall were a little less lavish, maybe less beer flowed and fewer luxury cars tooled along sleek and sylvan superhighways, but if pulled out of context and shown to an impartial audience of creatures from outer space, it's unlikely the game would be labeled the First Super Bowl of the New Recession.

Here are some of the most-praised ads:

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